Friday, December 29, 2006


I'm feeling pretty lousy today. It is my last day at work...

New purple yarn

Purple is a funny feels happy and sad. Melancholy maybe... what a great name!

anyway: purple yarn

You will see some changes in my blog. It is not intended to be an ad for anything so the content will be changing to reflect that. As a matter of fact I have already made changes to reflect that. I'm truly sorry if it looked like an ad.


Crow Calling Woman said...

Someone bitched it looked like an ad? Screw-em! It's YOUR blog, not theirs. Good grief, where do they get the cojones to bitch about someone else's blog content?! That really irks me. You put whatever your heart desired in YOUR blog. You won't chase me away. I love seeing your newest creations, and the shameless self-promotion. If it beings in more money for you, so be it! :)

SueS said...

I agree with crow calling woman. It is your blog and you can blog to your hearts desire about whatever you like. If that is promoting your wonderful fibers and yarns, so be it. I have come to your blog every now and again and sometimes it leads me to want to see what you have in your Etsy shop. Sometimes I even make a purchase. So do what makes you happy, since you cannot please everyone at least look to your happiness. And as far as your employment status, I know this is overused, but for every door that closes another opens. A new opportunity will come along and when you are least expecting it to happen.

Fiberjoy said...

You're the third person today who I've become aware has encountered a problem. It's a huge shame that a normal mention of your blog is miscontrued. If the present sentiment continues, many will be chased away from the group.

Continue posting in your blog as your desire.