Monday, September 29, 2008

OK--so vote!

I've picked the following 6 options for each yarn--

please vote ONCE for each... I will be sending out 2 free skeins of yarn --one to each person who suggests the winning name--and one more skein to someone randomly drawn!

Primary Colors
That's the Ticket
Winning Ticket
Hero Hues

Alaska Rose
Simply Sarah
Pale in Pink
Perfectly Palin
Rink Pink
Mrs. Palin Goes to Washington

Thursday, September 25, 2008

name help!

by the way, to purchase yarn below: check out my etsy store!

OK--so i have this lovely yarn...

the following name suggestions:

Lipstick Pigs

Pretty in Pinks

Piggy Goes Out

Lipstick Dreams

Pitbull Pink

Trig’s Mom’s Lipstick

This Little Piggie goes to the White House

Pale in Pink

Hockey Mom

The Pink House

The New GOP

Palin Pride

Rink Pink


Sara’s dreamway

Alaska Rose

Piggy goes to DC

Pink Elephant

Simply Palin


Palin Pinks


hockey mom

Putting on the Ritz

Palin Pink

Maverick 2.0


Lipstick on a Pit Bull

Lipstick on a Pig

Perfectly Palin

Pink Passion

sassy pink

pink politics

pink confidence

White House Pink

Sarah’s Choice

political in pink

Please vote below--just leave a comment voting, or suggest a new one! either way, the winning name will get a free skein!

NOW... i also dyed this yarn...
It is McCain/Palin yarn --his color blue and gold, the alaska flag is also blue and gold and red, because well, she wears red...and the red fades to pink a bit, lipstick pink, i think... so i'm also looking for name suggestions for this! so...
suggest me a name for either or both or vote--
the winning names will get a skein of the yarn!