Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My cloak is come home, and here follows the pattern of its' lace

--from Jane Austen's letter to her sister Cassandra of Sunday, 2 June 1799.

Jane Austen. I love her books. i am inspired by her books. so I'm doing a Jane Austen Yarn Club for 2009! I am very excited about it. this club will be different than any i've done in the past. rather than selling it all the time, there will be a limited time and a limited number of memberships.

Here are the not finalized details:

Sales of The Jane Austen Club would run from Dec. 15-Jan 15

Sense and Sensibility Socks-- Shipping Feb. 6-9 ($27 retail)
Pride and Prejudice Socks (two colors)--Shipping April 6-9 ($40 retail)
Not sure which book Shawl lace weight--Shipping June 8-11 ($45 retail)
Not sure which book Dk Gloves--Shippping Aug 5-8 ($27.00 retail)
Not sure which book hat--Shipping Oct. 6-9 ($27.00 retail)
not sure which book socks--Shipping Dec. 7-10 ($27.00) ________________________________________________

retail purchase price over $200.00
Regular purchase would be $175.00
(shipping is about $20.00)

The payment plan will be $65 due Jan 15, Feb 15, March 15

We'll do a read/knit along on Ravelry! let me know what you think!

Monday, November 17, 2008

back to knitting

so, i'm still working on various projects for christmas. i'm starting to feel a bit like i'll never get them done. two pairs of socks are moving along slowly but surely. i haven't figured out what to make for a 14 year old boy. maybe i'll do a hat. maybe. and i also haven't figured out what i have time to do that i can get done by Christmas for Jeremy. hmmmmmm.

BUT i have big plans for next year when i want to knit new christmas stockings for everyone. Brenden wants one with a bear, stephen wants one with santa in his sleigh, amanda will love whatever, as will jeremy. maybe if start on dec. 26 i'll get them all done by next christmas.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

shrug done!

and it is beautiful. too bad i am fat. i am going on a diet. now. totally. i was looking at pictures from 2004 and am horrifed at how much fatter i look.