Friday, December 22, 2006

Summer Skies

I LOVE this skein. It is warm and puffy. Like clouds on a summer day. Laying on your back in the field, looking up at the clouds and deciding what they look like. It is 4 fabulous ounces of Wool/Silk blend. It came out puffy--thick and thin. The fiber was *Jar Dyed* in layers--mostly blue with a center layer of pale purple. I think created several of my *Blended Batts* and spun this up. It will make a beautiful soft scarf or hat or the like. blog is acting funny. Funny weird, not funny HAHA. I typed this little blog entry at the top twice. Pasted it into the post below and it turned it all into a wierd link. Anyway. Our house is starting to look truly Christmas-y. Our tree is up and lit. We have candles on the bar. There are a few presents wrapped and put in the cradle. And my wheel. What more does one need to be Christmas-y?

I hope that whatever holiday you are celebrating--Christmas, Solstice, Hannakuh, Kwanzaa, Ramadan--it fills your days with light and joy. That you find your family close and hug them often. That as the days begin to grow longer, your love grows stronger.

My plan is to start recording a CD (maybe 2) after the new year hits. I will be doing a Christmas CD for release in October or so and a new Medieval/Traditional/Original CD for release hopefully in about March, just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

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