Wednesday, December 20, 2006

have fun

i realized lately what i've been missing in my life. I'm not having enough fun. SCA is supposed to be fun. One of the people i admire most in SCA told me once "if you're not having fun you're doing it wrong." It hasn't been fun in several several months. I can't remember when it stopped being fun but it was quite a while ago. I'm pulling back, quitting my office, finding something fun. My job isn't very fun right now either because it's ending. I like working, don't get me wrong. I actually enjoy being busy. But knowing that it's ending...I feel stupid and a little used. Christmas...that hasn't been a whole lot of fun lately either. My life in general just isn't much fun. I'm changing that today.

I'm pulling back from all the things that haven't been much fun. Distancing myself, whether emotionally or actually and I'm finding somethings that i like to do. Like spinning and knitting. Like dyeing stuff and blending. Like writing. Like hugging my children. and my husband. sewing. cooking. playing with my dog. gardening. (harder in dec. in SD :-) anyway, i'm sure you understand. Of course, I'll be going to work. But I'll try to take it all a little less seriously and have a little fun with it all. Look at some fun picture books, read something interesting, etc.

It's funny how commotion makes me reevaluate. Anger makes me rethink. When people you think are your friends belittle you gotta reconsider everthing you've been doing.

It is advent. A time of preparation. A time to make your heart ready for the coming Savior. He's coming as a little, tiny baby. Nursing at Mary's breast. cooing and cuddly. FUN. I'm making my heart a little more ready. I'm making my life a little more ready.

How 'bout you?

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Fiberjoy said...

I decided to comment on this post which strikes a responsive chord in me; bringing the important things in life into perspective. Life ought not to be made up of drudgery though at times that's what it feels like. So even in the face of grey days, grey moods we consciously have to look for the joy and spontenaity (Sp?) in the colors of the sky and the sudden, free laughter of a child. And to know the true Joy that is our strength.

Do you have a recording studio nearby? Best wishes for laying down the tracks on your new CDs, and for whatever new work ventures you may find.