Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fiber Friday

so...a bunch of us on etsy are designating fridays as fiber days. we'll be listing new items on fridays and publicizing this. if you're on etsy you should join us. add a note to your store front that says so. add fiberfriday as a tag to your listing so people can find it.

If you don't sell on Etsy...maybe you should shop on etsy! hehe. at any rate come on over and visit.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

new yarn!

i'm in the middle of dyeing new yarn tonight. look for new colorways tomorrow or the next day! I'm excited. I'm trying lots of new color combos.

i'm also working on new batts...naturally dyed silk batts. Haven't quite decided what to call them. they'll be all natural dyes, blended batts. any thoughts?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

on the front page

Can't believe it...that orange yarn in the's mine! Yay!

cool stuff on etsy...

i've been looking around and found nifty stuff on etsy. some that i want...some that i bought. some that other people i know will want.

this Tee shirt is cool...i want one! It refers to 5 people banned without notice or reason from the etsy forums. check out UEN if you want to know more!

this nifty knitter helper is so cool i order two!

Friday, September 21, 2007

New Stuff! newest issue of Totally Twisted is OUT! YAYAYYAYAYAYA.

check it out here:

Also, my Forum (also called Totally Twisted cuz it's such a cool name) is up and ready for posting!

come on over and visit!

I feel caught up on sleep...mostly!

Monday, September 17, 2007

finally home...

it is Monday...and i am home. I slept in my own bed last night and have had half a chance to breathe! what a relief. Bits of news today.
I have been an active member of the spindlers list for years but recently have almost quit reading the posts there as i am simply too busy. Last week I finally made the move and quit subscribing. There are just too many emails and i am too busy. So, if you have questions consider dropping me a line privately at . Part of the reason that i am just entirely too busy is that i'm in the process of starting a message board for spinners, knitters and other fiber artists. It just in the process of beginning but it will go with my little Totally Twisted Zine.
Speaking of. Totally Twisted Summer issue is running late but will be out later this week! look for it in your inboxes/mailboxes or you can buy separate issues on Etsy.
I've been getting more and more subscriptions to various clubs, both yarn and fiber. I would never have guessed they'd do so well.

Stephen's shoulder seems almost healed. (thank God!).

Brenden started kindergarten. (inserting those obligatory but
darned cute pictures of the first day of school!)

Amanda's doing all those "homecoming week things" this week. No, homecoming just never changes. It's Jersey day today...she decided that since this is what SHE wears to the football games, she'd wear it today!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

not blogging

the reason i have not been blogging like i should (:-( is that i have been running everywhere for weeks. We left for Denver on August the days before that I was running around getting ready and trying to finish the tapestry. we were gone August 30-Sept.3 . Then I left town again on Sept. 6...those two days between, i had a meeting and i barely had time to breathe...certainly did not check emails or blog! I left early Sept. 6 and was in Wisconsin from Sept. 6-Sept. 10. Unfortunately, my month is not getting less busy. I am leaving for Eastern SD to teach at an event tomorrow. EEEEEEK! Hopefully I'll have time to breathe when i get home on the 17th. Hopefully!

OH, and tonight before i leave i have to put together 5 looms to teach on! and put together a handout. It's good that i love teaching, cuz far from getting paid, i have to pay to get to the event!

Tapestry finally done

My tapestry is all finished. YAY! I am teaching Soumak weaving this weekend. ACK! Scary. I went out and grabbed stuff to put together some inexpensive looms. I guess i'll come out with looms...oh well...more classes are always good. If you're headed for Cecil's's a free class stop on over!