Wednesday, December 29, 2004

My week of spinning--almost

I've been very productive since I started listing on ebay. This is part of my week of spinning. All of these are handpainted roving (with food color). By the way, there is really cool new neon food coloring out! Some of the colors below are done with these...I wouldn't have called them neon, I would have called them jewel tones..other than the green which is quite neon-ish. The blue and purple are the first yarn picture in this!! anyway...

As always I have yarn on ebay...check my listings castleman.spf and I have CDs available. They make a perfect Valentine's Day gift for anyone who loves spinning or all things Celtic. check out my website .

I'm playing in Sturgis SD soon...that will be exciting! Plus there is a place here that I may be teaching a spinning class--fun, fun, fun!!

Happy Holidays and all that! Hope yours was the best surrounded by family and friends, whether chosen or inherited as it were.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Brenden's new toys Posted by Hello

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Brenden and the tree Posted by Hello

Brenden and penguin Posted by Hello

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Friday, December 24, 2004

Ready for Christmas Posted by Hello

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Brenden...almost ready for Christmas Posted by Hello

Happy Holidays

My family is gathered together for good things but mostly we will be together. Apparently we will be having a white Christmas this year, here. Last week I would have said no, it was 50 degrees everyday. But it has snowed three days in a row now and the after a really cold one yesterday it has warmed up to about 30. Beautiful!

We got a new car/vehicle yesterday. It is a sandstone Equinox. What with three kids and a dog the Jetta was just getting too small. Lots more room. I think we will all be happier with more space.

Tuck has finally started really jumping today! He got up on the bed with us this morning!!

Everyone is excited. We had homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I took Jeremy breakfast in bed this morning. He said I should have waited until later but... I thought he should get up.

I sold 2 CDs yesterday! YEAH! It hasn't been the greatest year of sales but... I'm hoping for more with the Humanities Scholar thing. anyway...

To you and yours...happy holidays. Remember that it is not what is under the tree but who is gathered around it that counts.

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Thursday, December 23, 2004


ocean spray the right name?? My husband named this skein but I'm not sure that it's quite right. any thoughts?? Posted by Hello

Comments below!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

New Christmas Song

I've been working on a new Christmas song. I'm calling it Born in Bethlehem. It's a fun, bright little piece. NOw I'm gonna have to make a Christmas CD, I have two original pieces and lots of cool traditional pieces too. anyway...

We're staying home for Christmas. Today is the last day for school so this is my last day for lazy days, starting tomorrow we got baking and candy-making to do.

What do you think of my new song...?

Born in Bethlehem

Jesus Christ is born this day, born in Bethlehem
Jesus Christ is born this day, born in Bethlehem

Angels come to sing his glory
Singing alleluia
Angels come to tell his story
Singing hosanna

Jesus Christ…

Shepherds rise and go to meet him
Follow the guiding star
Take your lambs and go to greet him
It isn’t very far

Jesus Christ …

Wise men come to meet the king
Bearing gifts of gold
Now his praises they will sing
So the story’s told

Jesus Christ…

Sing Noel, oh sing noel
Sing alleluia
Sing noel, oh sing noel
Sing alleluia

Jesus Christ…

You and I must do our part
That star it still shines bright
Now his joy will fill our hearts
On this blessed night…

Jesus Christ…

© 2004 Rita Nauman

Thursday, December 16, 2004

And the Winner is>>>

"Sugar Plum Fairy" Posted by Hello

Part of my stash

These are some pictures of parts of my stash. Most are from the past year...I sold several hundred dollars worth of yarn this year already so my stash is a little small. But I'm working on it. Most of this stuff is going too.

Today has been rough. Brenden is grouchy, but I did get all three personalized cross-stitched ornaments for my kids done. I just finished Amanda's (a snowman) I had already done Stephen's (a Christmas tree) and Brenden's (Santa). It was fun...glad they're done though. I spun up to skeins today. not sure what I'll call them. One is mostly bright yellow with little bits of red and green. the other is very similar to the purple one below.

So the ideas for renaming wine vat are:

"Purple Iris"
"Mixed Berries"
"Wine and a song"--any reference to music always gets me
"Fields of Heather"--I'm pretty partial to this one
"Sugar Plum Fairy"--so season appropriate--3 votes
"Violets in the snow"
"Mulberry Bush"
"Berry Kissed"--2 votes
"African Violets"--I can see that
"Blackberry Fizz"--perhaps my favorite
"Spring Blossoms"
"Frosty Heather"--my new favorite
"Mountain Sunset"
"lupines and laveder
"When Thistles Whistle"
"lavendar mist"
"lavendar foam"
"lavendar spray"
"lavendar fizz"

So what's your vote, or do you have another suggestion?

suggestions can be posted below or to me at

Don't forget to check out my website at

CDs are available: The Dream--$15.00 Dream Again--$15.00 One of Each--$25
3.95 shipping and handling.

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ruby reds

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mostly cable yarn

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mixed blue skeins

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