Sunday, February 22, 2009


my son, a very talented artist, drew this... we thought it was darned funny! hope you do too...

Thursday, February 19, 2009


fun fun fun!

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Total Spoiler

So, I'm loving the shaft of these. BUT, i cannot decide what to do with the heel. I've played with a variety of things from vertical stripes (interesting) to some other things that failed pretty big, to these horizontal stripes. I'm not sure i LOVE them. I'm just not sure. Someone suggested just green. I've been considering just the dark color. Oh dear, i see more frogging in my future. :-(
I guess i'm sort of hoping someone will chime in and say either: Oh, i like it, it's good, OR What the hell are you thinking, that doesn't fit at all. So, what DO you think???

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

fresh from the dye pot

I've been playing again. after all that RED, i needed to see some other colors, and green is always my come back to color. so this morning, after finished more SCAB yarn, i threw two skeins in the dye pot just. for. fun. I hardly do that anymore, it seems. I think i'll call it Forest Canopy. it is lovely dappled greens and browns. the sun shining through deep forest canopy.It reminds me of a song a sang in college "...from deep in the forest, concealed by the trees..."

I'm shipping the first few skeins of SCAB yarn today. not all of the yarn is dry yet, but i want to ship as quickly as i can.

Things are moving right along with our yarn shop. we've ordered our first yarn and are going to be ordering more today! purchased some shelving. it's just so darned exciting.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

let me just share... and a spoiler!

with you for a moment how unreal my life occassionally seems. I suppose that sounds silly. and it is. a bit.

Years ago, i wanted desperately to make a living as a musician. I went to college, i practiced, i worked at music. i tried very hard. somewhere around my first marriage i made contact with a guy who said he knew a guy that might be interested in my music. My (now ex) husband threw a tantrum (insecurities suck) and i passed up the chance... and had a baby instead. it was hard, it made me resent my (now ex) husband, whom was already a problem because he was abusive.

i finally left when my (now ex) husband quit the last in a long trail of jobs and we got an eviction notice. i came home to South Dakota. wrecked. Eventually i went back to college, back to music. I still had dreams. But i was older and had two little babies at home, so my dreams were a bit smaller. I wanted to teach and spend my summers traveling to arts festivals selling my CDs (not made yet) of celtic music. I met my now husband while in college, but he was going to law school and told me he wasn't going to get married until law school was done. so i ran off to Alaska for a year. I'd always wanted to go and i taught in Unalakleet for a year. Fabulous. Then my now husband decided it was pretty lonely on his own and said he didn't want to wait afterall. I came home. we got married. i taught another two years. i had Brenden. i made a CD. I loved it.

I started traveling. Gigs were hard to come by, and money was slow going at the beginning of his law career, but i got paid enough to afford to go. MOSTLY. But i was barely breaking even.

All this time, i'd learned to spin and was spinning little bits and bobs of yarn. they sat around in baskets in my house. I didn't knit. Crocheting hurt my hands (i had the beginnings of arthritis even then) and spinning was just a hobby. I was going to make my job playing music.

I did a couple more things to help me make a living as a musician... and none of them really seemed to make it possible to even make it a reasonable second income. I made a second CD. I traveled. I got lots of good reviews. everyone said i should be able to make it. BUT, i could not.

Then, while i was away on a weekend gig, i was sitting around spinning and someone bought a bunch of handspun yarn. I made almost as much selling a little bit of handspun as i had made playing a bunch of times in a weekend.

And a new career was born... the thing that i thought was a career, has turned into a hobby. and the thing that was strictly a hobby... is now a career. And i'm happier now, than i was when i was a musician. isn't life odd?

Pictures of yesterday in my life!

Dyeing scab yarn and Forest Primeval!

progress on the pride and prejudice sock!

Friday, February 13, 2009

deep bruise! and a spoiler

I dyed this up and debated about the name... Black eye? Shiner? in the end... i decided that Deep Bruise, was the most appropriate... and in spite of the yucky name... it is DARNED PRETTY!

On another note, i have 25 skeins ready to be SCAB yarn soaking! YEEHAW! I can't wait for it to be dyed, dry and shipped. I had to order new shipping boxes. I guess that's a good thing... I've used up all the ones i had!

i bought a couple new colors of dye that i really love... can't wait to play!

I've cast on the pride and prejudice colorwork sock! it is fun. a friend designed the colorwork part, and now i'm decided where to go from there... it beautiful!

the latice work is simple and fun. the colors are nice... i'm going to have to do more to see how i think it suits!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

News and new yarn

so... my website and yarn was a topic of conversation on LimenViolet podcast 80! i can't believe it. CAN. NOT. BELIEVE. IT. Color me surprised! If you found your way here from there... welcome, glad you came by! a couple comments the S&S sock is neither feather and fan nor eye of partridge... but darned close! and yes, that's The Badlands! Castle Fibers is based out of Rapid City, which is about an hour from The Badlands... and it's one of my fave places to hang out!

I have SCAB in laceweight now available. It is a slightly different colorway, because my laceweight is half silk. This means that it's yummy yarn... soft and luxurious, but takes dye a bit differently! It'll be available in extremely limited amounts... scoup it up or it'll be gone!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Pride and Prejudice socks...

so, this weekend i got the design for the colorwork... and i'm totally excited. I can't wait to get started. I've dyed up what i think will be the colorways... it's going to be lovely and fun. I cannot believe how well SCAB yarn sold... it's all sold out... i'll be doing a sample of dk weight and a sample of lace weight to see how they turn out, before i list them in presale. As soon as I get the scab yarn all dyed, the banshee yarn will go into presale.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

shipping... spoiler!

so, all the yarn is dry and in super pretty neat skeins (not like the ones that came out of the dye pot, which were messy). the yarn is all packaged into baggies so it will not wet with a extra added gift AND a coupon! the boxes look so cute all in stacks!

and what's inside looks even cuter...

out the door they go!

R.I.P. Line

the R.I.P. (undead yarn) line is available on my website for those who are looking. Only SCAB is available for preorder at this time, Banshee will be available shortly!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

i see yarn....

lots and lots of Sense and Sensibility yarn... it's everywhere... taking over my house! hehe. I decided to do a slightly different colorway than the one i knit up... i wanted the reds a bit richer...
Plus i dyed up this yarn...

It will be part of the R.I.P. line... It's called Banshee ... cuz it's screamin' pink!

Monday, February 02, 2009

she's walking...

Jinniver... someone i feel honored to call a friend, that i met through ravelry, is walking... for those who can't. Just saying that makes me choke up a bit. She's raising money for MS... she was diagnosed some years ago and has been doing this ever since. She's raided her stash and is raffling off some awesome yarn... donate and win!

check out her blog!


Sunday, February 01, 2009


SCAB is half gone already... and it's only in presale because i haven't gotten the chance to dye it yet. I'm super excited about this new line... But i didn't expect them to move so quickly! I guess my bizarre-o sense of humor is a good thing!

coming soon... Old Bruise!