Monday, January 01, 2007

one down


I love LOVE this sock. It is the first sock that I've made that felt nice. The pattern that I started with was rather radically altered cuz well...I can't help myself. The yarn is from knitpicks--100% Peruvian wool. It feels a tiny bit scratchy in the ball, but is wonderfully soft when it is knitted up. I dyed it using an interesting if time intensive dyeing method that I altered from one I read about. I love the variegation and the gradiation this method gives. I have a similar ball to make the other sock out of!

I should say that the post below is basically about someone telling me that asking someone to look at my blog is the same thing as an AD. I occassionally make references to my businesses...cuz it's about my life. Apparently in order for me to not consider it an AD I can't make any references (no matter how small--this includes saying--this is in my store or something) are ads. I disagree but want to be able to post about my blog without it being considered an ad so i'm changing it a little. altho, honestly given that i give away information constantly without trying to personally gain from my experiments I'm a little resentful that I any reference to anything that could possibly make me money is considered an ad. Anyway. I won't be posting links to my blog on the Spindler's list because of it. :-( I'm very sad.

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Sara said...

That's crappy. I think that's more than a little heavy-handed, especially when you do give so much great information away on Spindler's, asking for nothing in return. I'm a fan of your blog, and have never considered your references to your blog on Spindler's an ad. - Sara in Seattle, who adores your Jar Dyeing technique