Wednesday, August 31, 2005

one last picture of my favorite, beautiful spindle. if i ever find more, i'll buy them all...i love them!!! Posted by Picasa

another view of that pretty spindle Posted by Picasa

pictures of my favorite, favorite spindle. I bought it from a potter. it is beautiful and kind of heavy.  Posted by Picasa

colors may be better! Posted by Picasa

preview of my next yarn bouquet Posted by Picasa

this is pretty good color of the the dkest hollyhock on wool... Posted by Picasa

same picture...a little better color but more glare! Posted by Picasa

hollyhocks and blackeyed susan on silk tussah...i love these! Posted by Picasa

not the best: it is greener: black-eyed susans on silk!! Posted by Picasa

hollyhock and osage orange on silk Posted by Picasa

exhaust of dark hollyhocks on wool Posted by Picasa

slightly out of focus: Osage orange on wool with alum! Posted by Picasa

close up of the black, darkest hollyhock is sort of purple and slightly green varigated. I post it when i have it spun! Posted by Picasa

L to R pink, lt pink, yellow and white hollyhocks on wool with alum Posted by Picasa

red, dk pink hollyhocks, pink hollyhocks, lt pink hollyhocks Posted by Picasa

black hollyhocks, dark red hollyhocks, dk pink hollyhocks Posted by Picasa

hollyhock dyes from L to R they are: black, dark red, dark pink, pink, light pink, yellow and white...the stems did nothing! hollyhock on wool with alum and cream of tarter! Solar dyed. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 29, 2005

a little different, food color dyed self-striping yarn that I entered in our local fair! Posted by Picasa

silk dyed with black-eyed susans...this is actually greener than the picture appears. Posted by Picasa

silk dyed with hollyhocks and osage orange Posted by Picasa

wool dyed in tansy, marigold, trumpet flower, and hollyhocks  Posted by Picasa

the whole shebang...all the dyeing...included are hollyhocks, marigolds, tansy, black-eyed susans, cone flowers, sunflowers, osage orange and B-ES stems Posted by Picasa

hollyhock dye only on my backporch: from L to R they were black hollyhocks, red, pink, lighter pink, very light pink, yellow &white Posted by Picasa

more of my back porch...wool and silk soaking in flower dyes Posted by Picasa

my back porch...the ultimate solar dyer: flowers soaking for dye and wool and silk soaking in dye Posted by Picasa