Saturday, April 30, 2005

more snow's snowing again....I had a great performance last night at the Song Writer's Invitational at the Sturgis Center for the Arts. It went well...

Yesterday I did some really pretty silk for a friend. I made two skeins, one purple kool-aide which look distinctly like logwood dye and a beautiful deep green. They are some of the prettiest colors I've ever gotten. Silk dyes so fabulously well. I'll post pictures later.

so...snow and spinning. I wonder how much women in the middle ages looked out at the snow and spun their wool?

rita n/

Friday, April 29, 2005

mini-skeins of cabled silk! someday I'll have enough for a scarf! Posted by Hello

"Silky Purple Daze" Posted by Hello

pretty new silk..."deep purple shimmers" Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 28, 2005

new yarn and wool


it's been a busy week. I haven't been spinning nearly as much as i'd like lately. but I do have these four neat skeins...three of them coordinate. one is just silliness.

what do you think of the handdyed wool? I really love them both but can't decide which is nicer...or what to call either of the colorways. any thoughts?

rita n/

one last pic of these three pretty skeins! Posted by Hello

more combos Posted by Hello

pretty combo Posted by Hello

"autumn rainbow" Posted by Hello

"purple pegasus" Posted by Hello

my daughter calls it "purple unicorn" Posted by Hello

fun and funky cabled yarn!  Posted by Hello

more handdyed wool. this turned out great! Posted by Hello

hand dyed purple maroon and blue! Posted by Hello

tomorrow we dye

OK--well not tomorrow....yesterday.

I started combing out my pretty white wool and dying it in smallish lots. My husband says I'm an ADHD spinner. I get bored quickly. But this is stuff I may not spin, I may sell it unspun on ebay. I combed it carefully....getting rid of lots of VM and short bits and dyed it.

I've done 2 bunches so far. One is pink, purple and blue and one is lightish blue and purple. the light one looks very Easter egg-ish. they are both super nice!


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

it's snowing!

well, after a week of shirt sleeves and occassionally even shorts we woke up to, yes you guessed it, snow!!! SD does need the moisture so, we can't complain. we're so dry forest fire season has already started. Hopefully this will help.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

washing wool

well....I've spent my evening washing wool. I have so much that for the first time ever I am just throwing away the yucky stuff. I used to wash everything and do something with it cuz I didn't have much. But today it hit me...I have three huge bags in my garage and more coming, why am I conserving? I hate throwing away usable but this is all short crappy wool (literally crappy in some cases). anyway. washing wool can be so fulfilling in a sort of weird way. you take this terrible looking stuff and spend a little time and produce something really nice. I like the way my hands feel when I am done sorting out the nice stuff too. I have learned that if you sort out the nice locks before you wash it, carding, or flicking, which is what i do, goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaay faster.....

so I've starting selling dyed washed wool on ebay. it is interesting that it sells for so much more washed and ready to card or ready to spin that it does raw. but like golem I likes 'em raw ('n' wriggly...ok not wriggly).

so....I need to get more pics up....
see yah.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

beautiful blue/purple llama...soooooo soft! Posted by Hello

neon silk skein...about 170 yards in just one ounce. Posted by Hello

Friday, April 08, 2005

New yarn --wow it's been awhile

Today I got new yarn...lots of interesting bits and pieces. The "playing with purple" is just that. I threw some silk and some llama and some wool all in a dye pot together. then I carded it together and spun it. it is quite pretty but not soft. The lace weight blue silk is really soft though. I'm really proud of is some of the most even really fine stuff I've spun. The two bulky wool yarns are really fun. The natural white is kind of unusual for me but it was so pretty I just couldn't make myself dye it....

so what's your favorite?

I have some very pretty purple and blue llama coming and some orange llama and some autumn llama. funny...I go in spurts right now I guess i'm really into llama. a friend sent me some first sheering of a llama. It took more than 9 months to arrive and now i'm really having fun with it.


Tussah Silk Yarn--"Silky Lemon" Posted by Hello

super bulky wool yarn--"Summer Sunrise" Posted by Hello

super bulky wool yarn--"Summer Sunset" Posted by Hello

unusual for me--natural white wool yarn Posted by Hello

Playing with purple--a silk, llama, wool blend experiment Posted by Hello

silky sunshine Posted by Hello

blue lace weight silk (2-ply 25 WPI) Posted by Hello

Celtic Cross Spindle Posted by Hello