Sunday, December 17, 2006

I confess

I'm a blog-a-holic or something. Maybe more of a blog-ulimic. I sort of binge. That's it a Binge Blogger. I got through spurts of blogging well. then, dry spells. Reading my blog is a little like living in a those places that have "rainy seasons." anyway, now that i have that out of my system...

I 've been working so much that I have not gotten all that much done but I have spun some. Unfortunately I also haven't gotten a lot pictures taken either. so bear with me...

I have dyed some stuff. And i got 20 (count them) 20 pounds of fiber. I am so excited. I got 5 pounds of white silk/wool blend, 5 pounds of white wool/mohair and another wool/silk blend called khaki...but it's actually more silvery!

I did dye this gorgeous alpaca--i'm calling it Autumn Alapaca--not very imaginative i recognize. It turned out really pretty tho. I also have stuff to photograph today.

Today we went Christmas shopping. I'm really not sure what's wrong with me. WHY...that's all i can ask WHY? I know that the mall is an absolute zoo. Full of grouchy, unhappy shoppers who can't find what they want. So...again why? I can only assume that i was temporarily insane. Or maybe my husband was. First we decided to go out to breakfast. At 10:00 Sunday morning. Insane. IHOP was absolutely not going to happen. a 15 minute wait with a 4 year old should be considered cruel and unusual punishment. At least with my little red-headed 4-year-old. Luckily before we have up and just ate from a drive-thru I suggested Breakfast Nook. It's a very nice, locally owned restaurant that serves, well, breakfast. We had a lovely meal. With NO wait. Yay. Brenden (the 4-year-old) did eat 3 containers of strawberry jelly while we were waiting for breakfast. But...

Then, we went to Shopko. Not bad, not good. There are no Cars toys anywhere. Apparently Cars toys are the gift of choice this year. Like almost every other year we didn't buy them the first time we saw them. And then they were gone. Gone like wool left outside during nesting season. Gone like donuts (the gooey, sweet ones--cuz the plain ones aren't gone) left unattended in the office breakroom. Gone like pizza delivered to a college dorm on Friday night. get it gone. Gone. Cars toys.

Maybe Kmart would have Cars toys. Maybe. Maybe they still do. I'm not sure that all Kmarts are like this but the one here always makes me think "Did you know that Spandex only works on young, skinny women. No matter how much that "tummy tuck" panty promises, those still don't fit." Anyway, we drove into the parking lot. Didn't run over the 50ish woman in black leggings and an oversized sweatshirt, with her 4 kids in tow, trying not to notice her yelling "GET OUTTA THE WAY JUNIOR." Anyway, Kmart might have Cars toys. I will never know.

Target. They could have Cars toys. Unfortunately Target is got it... THE MALL. And the mall, well it's just full of grouchy people that can't find Cars toys either. Or at least that's how it's looks to me.

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