Thursday, March 11, 2010

confession time

I must confess, i'm not only a bad blogger... but i'm also a bad knitter. let's talk...

i am easily distracted by new pretty, different stuff. there's nothing exactly WRONG with this, but it does make it harder for me to finish, well, anything.

so... here's just a few of things i have in progress at the moment. i say a few, because this does not include pictures that are so far back on my flickr page that i can't find them.

this is my most recent is going to be a shawl... i mostly wanted to show off the colors so it's pretty simple. unfortunately i'm bored with it because it is too easy.

i could go back and finish the second Twist Baby Twist... but i don't want to.

Here is the Olympic sock that i have finished, but have not finished. i want the second sock finished, but i sorta don't wanna have to do it. GAH!

this little flower hat is much more done than the picture shows, actually it's been frogged, and the first half is done, which unfortunately means i have to repeat the exact same thing again. oh no.

unfortunately, today i saw this:
and i have this:
color 5