Monday, January 19, 2009


I have two lovely new colorways and no names. I'm feeling a bit brainless i guess. Post suggestions for names and I will be giving several skeins of Castle's Rough Yarn away for free. (Rough Yarn is a slightly rougher yarn than my typical sock yarn and would work up lovely for felting purses or such. You can see pictures of some colorways here in my etsy store:

Here's the yarn! What suggestions do you have? Be sure to post a name so i can identify who you are if you win. the names will be picked by me, but the winners will be picked at random, as well as those who pick the winning names. I will be giving away 1 skein of yarn (past the winning two) for every 25 people who post suggestions. So invite your friends and neighbors! (up to about 15 skeins cuz then i'll run out!)

Also visit my new website: for more yarn to look at!

Contest will run through Jan. 23rd.


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The Pinko Bitch said...

Oooh! Oooh! This is a contest I have to enter, that is some lovely yarn.

Saffron Curry


Blueberry Muffin

P.S. I'm Jabberwocky on Ravelry.

Dena said...

How about "Fall in the Berkshires" for the top two and "Carnival Cotton Candy" for the bottom two? I have admired your knitting on Ravelry for a while now. Thanks for the chance at free yarn! Dena aka, ILOVEEWE on ravelry

Smitten Knitten said...

Pretty yarn! If I were naming them I'd think Phoenix for the orange/brown/gold colors and Iris for the blue/purple.

auntien said...

I like the saffron curry suggestion, and phoenix was actually one that came to mind for me when I saw it as well.
So I will go for
It runs in my veins
Very beautiful stuff you are offering...I love almost all of your colourways.
Auntien (on ravelry)

Aster said...


Gingersnap or Gingerbread


Popsicle Toes
Mixed Berry Sundae
Mixed Berries

This is a great concept for a contest! Thanks so much!


Crafty Attorney said...

Autumn Avalanche for the first one (the brownish) and Frozen Florals for the second colorway.

LwyrBabe on Ravelry

Tambra said...

Apple Cider
Wine at Midnight

They're both yummy looking!

planeknits on Ravelry
aka Tambra

MamaMay said...

Woot! Free yarn!

Thank you!

The bluer one reminds me of the color of mulberries. So Mulberry

The redder one makes me think of Strawberries by the light of the full moon, so Strawberry Moon.

Ravelry Name: MamaMay

Crafty Attorney said...

Autumn Avalanche for top colorway and Frosted Fresia for the second one

LwyrBabe on Ravelry

lori peden said...

Autumn Dawn (which is actually a friend's daughter's name)

Mixed Berries

it's too late to be creative, i've never had yarn from anywhere but hobby lobby ;-( and yours is pretty! ;-)

loripeden on ravelry

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful.

#1 Goldilocks


#2 Troubled Waters

woolstock on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

ok heres mine!

Top- Aspen Season

Bottom- Storm cloud sunset

Both colors are gorgeous!


Leftsox - RavID

Woolcrafter said...

Pumpkin Spice
Scottish Heather

are what spring to my mind.

Miranda said...

The top reminds me of autumn colors.
So, Autumn Evening or Keeping Mum (as in the flowers) and, for some reason, Carrot Cake.

The bottom reminds me of colors I saw in a painting.
Impressionist Palette.

RavalID: Pokito

Anonymous said...

Top one: Hansel & Gretel
Bottom one: Briar Rose

infernalcricket on Ravelry.

Good luck finding good names! :3

Kat said...

Such pretty colours! I'd call them




Submitted by Prickle on ravelry.

Riki said...

Lovely yarns! The first one reminds me of sunrises in Bangkok - so my suggestion is "Bangkok sunrise". The second one, believe it or not, reminds me of sunsets off Nushagak beach in Dillingham, Alaska - so my name would be "Nushagak Sunset" (or, hmmmm, how about "Alaska Sunset"... That's 3, *sigh*, oh well ...

Riki in Bangkok

Quasipsyco said...

First one: Leather.
Second one: Behind Blue Eyes.

Quasipsyco on Ravelry.

Anonymous said...

Love the beautiful yarn!

For the top yarn--Winter Spices (reminds me of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, etc.)

For the bottom yarn--Violets at Dusk

I'm ayoung on Ravelry

mlf said...

River Rock because it reminds me of the colorful rocks in the bed of a clear running stream.

Twilight Sky.

Love them both
My ravelry name is maryl1

tolebytobielynn said...

First off - those are simply beautiful!

I would name them



Ice Wine

I'm tolebytobielynn on Ravelry, and loved your blog, thanks for sharing and best of luck with choosing names!

Kara said...

I am DBZ on Ravelry.

Here are my suggestions
Autumn Dreams
Midnight hues

hallie m. said...

Ooooooooooo, prettiness!

I'd go with Chocolate Mango for the first one, and maybe Blackberry Sundae for the second. (I like sweet stuff mixed with fruit, tis good. :) )


knottygal said...

how bout

#1: buttered side up!
#2: blueberry popsicle!

I am knottygal in Ravelry!

LilChickadee said...

Yay! A contest!

The purple makes me think of plums, so I'm suggesting "Jack Horner" (you know, like the nursery rhyme?) for it. The other one makes me think of fall... maybe "Autumn Splendor". "Fireside" would be another idea.

I'm LilChickadee on Ravelry, too. : )

Elle said...



Frozen Berry

-ElleM on Rav

lipknit said...

Firefly on Mars* and
Saturns' Rings
Jupiter's Halo* and
Dark Side of the Moon

thanks! matahari000 on ravelry
I have starred teh original then added, so if you wanted to make a long title out of either or both, feel free to add the second line

lipknit said...

Lucille's Ball
Lizzie Taylor's Eyes

matahari000 on rav

Annjellicle said...

Harvest Maize
Calontir Sunset

(I'm Annjellicle on Ravelry)

lost clown said...

Fallen Leaves
New England Autumn
Rusty Ruminations (i like this one the best)
Under an Orange Coloured Sky
Shaking off the Rust
Dusk in the Badlands
Deep Desert E'en (or Evening)


Soft Spot
Shades of evening
Aurora Borealis
Lavender Dreams
Pretty in Purple
Lilac Lust
Washed out in Love

hmmm...maybe more later.

Laura said...

Beautiful yarn!

Top one : Tequila Sunrise

Bottom one : Purple Haze

laura84 on Ravelry

Ange said...

Walnut Sundae


Berry Crumble

Why do these yarns remind me of decant foods?

chasingbunnies on ravelry

Tara said...

Tara580 on ravelry or

Heartstrings for the first one and
Purple People Eater for the second one

They are both absolutely lovely!!!

shellebelle said...

Those are beautiful colors how about...

Earth Mama
Blueberry Fairy

shellemadalinski on ravelry

Jordan said...

#1 Golden Pheasant
#2 After the Storm

Tigerb on Ravelry

Knitmomma said...

Autumn Chords for the top,
Violet Melody for the bottom

Anonymous said...


"Give Thanks" for the first, it reminds me of late fall and Thanksgiving dinner :)



I'm jmartinelli13 on ravelry

Suzette said...

I'm Ravelry name Suzette100:

The top one is "Fall Foliage" and the second is "Good N Plenty"

Deetje said...

Golden harvest for the top yarn, and wild lilac for the bottom one.
I am Deetje on Ravelry

Sarah said...

The brownish yarn: Pumpkin Spice
The purplish yarn: Jumble Berry Pie

I must be hungry! They're both gorgeous :)

SarahVV on Ravelry

Tangled said...

Accented Copper for the top

Evening Sunset for the bottom.

I am Knots on Ravelry

cgbusby said...

Your yarn is beautiful.

I think
Grand Canyon for the gold/brown
Wild Berries for the blue/purple.

I am carolbusby on ravelry.

Anonymous said...

The top one reminds me of Ireland, Bracken, heather, hills = Niamh

The bottom one; Storms, swirling water, ice = Sanna Bay

Rav user name: gemmagray

Riadese said...

Top: Golden Sunset

Bottom: Winter Twilight

Gorgeous colors.

Riadese on ravelry.

Sarah said...

The first one has lovely tones of red that remind me of the varied texture in red hair, and the richly colored light peering through the trees at dusk. Combined with the lovely pinks and dark purples, this skein of yarn yearns to be called:

Auburn Sunset

The second colorway, while it does remind me of berries (and gives me the urge to name it something obscure like Dionysus' Wine), on second glance I see a lot of gorgeous blues and even some white. These colors combine remind me of a cold winter's morning, when the snow lays thick on the ground and the sunrise is only noticed by the lightening of the sky, with its blackness slowly turning into purple, then blue. This yarn's name is:

Winter Morning

My name is LadyDanio on Ravelry. :)

Maiah said...

Indian Summer


Rhapsody in Blues

Gorgeous yarns!

DayPurler on Rav!!

dayzofrain said...

Rav name: MrsLolo

1st: Prairie Sunset
it really doesn't need an explanation

2nd: Raina's Requiem

I know that's kind of "Whaa??" but I think it works. The colors are those those worn traditionally as distinctive for royalty and "Raina" means "Queen". Requiem because of the blending of the colors seems perfect and requiem means "rhythmic series of musical tones arranged to a pleasing effect". So I love blues/purple hues and think that if color could be music- your blending would be a beautiful song.

kay.skay.790 said...

The yellow/orange one I think looks autumny so I was thinking Falling Leaves, St. Martin's Summer, or Autumn Berries.

The blue/purple reminds me of berries so Blueberry Parfait, Berries n' Cream, or Berry Bash.

I'm kayskay790 on Ravelry.

kay.skay.790 said...

The yellow/orange one I think looks autumny so I was thinking Falling Leaves, St. Martin's Summer, or Autumn Berries.

The blue/purple reminds me of berries so Blueberry Parfait, Berries n' Cream, or Berry Bash.

I'm kayskay790 on Ravelry.

Anonymous said...

Oooooo, I *love* the top one!

Bronze Sunset or Midas


Jabberwocky... (possibly inspired by Jabberwocky posting a bit before me, but I really think it fits! It looks pretty and mysterious and maybe even a little dark... ^_^)

I'm caiphana on Ravelry.

Lissy said...

They're both lovely and both "me" colors. I suggest Copper Penny for the autumn colored one and Grape Slurpee for the purple/blue one.

Lissy said...

Oops! Forgot to say I'm sticksnshtick on Ravelry. My choice for the lovely yarn is Copper Penny for the autumn colored one, and Berry Slurpee for the blue/purple one.

Anonymous said...

yummy yarn!

for the top, spiced mead

for the bottom, mulberry wine

Sandra said...

Rusty Heart


Fruit of the Vine

Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm
ThistleCoveFarm on Ravelry

Leigh Anne said...

I love the colors, very vibrant and i could think of a thousand things, but i thought you might like these.

for the first It reminded me of the 'flame' that is part of the wood on my 1812 violin.

Sapele - type of wood used in harp making

and the second made me think of winter moon rise, and my favorite colors.

Corcra - means purple in Gaelic

the colors look exotic, i thought the names would match.

LFRIES said...

I would go with ... Maple Leaf(ves) for the first and Morning Fog for the second.

Anonymous said...

Duhbai Sunrise


Tropical Sunset

I'm LoveZombie on ravelry

Anonymous said...

Copper Kettle


Berry Taffy

peanutty on Ravelry
thanks for the opportunity :)

Furry with Ruffles said...

Can't knock a free yarn competition:
"Scenes of Autumn" or "Seems Like Autumn" for the browns
The purples - well purple is the colour of original sin - can't go wrong with that! "Original Sin"
Thanks for the opportunity. If I get anymore blinding flashes of inspiration, I'll be back!

FurrywithRuffles on Ravelry

Furry with Ruffles said...

Here's another for the purple - "Summer Berries" - reminiscent of blueberries and mulberries all squooshed together in a summer pudding - yum!

beautyredefined said...

Wow, apparently the names that first came to me aren't terribly original. I was going to say Pumpkin Harvest and Wildberry, but I'll have to be more creative to win.

How about Catnap for the first one. (I get visions of napping in a rapidly dwindling patch of sun during an autumn sunset...)

And... Blue Raspberry Popsicle Tongue for the second.

I'm beautyredefined on ravelry.

Bex said...

Autumn Evenings
Midsummers night

Cheekyimp on Ravelry :-D

Shera said...

what beautiful colours!

For the first one I would say Pheonix because the colours remind me of the story of the Pheonix raising from the ashes in a torrent of oranges.

the second one midsummer's evening as I think the colours are very berry like, but at the same time we have sunsets similar to the colour way as well!

aka lemonblondie (ravelry)

Shera said...

ohh just looked at the other names and someone already put down pheonix!

so if I can change that then I would say it is autumn blaze

Fiolinn said...

My suggestions are:

Copper Ore

Nordic Night

Beautiful yarn!

Linn (Fiolinn on Ravelry)

Anonymous said...

I think Autumn Harvest for the first one


Either 'mixed berries' or 'sea sunset' for the second one.

They're both beautiful. I love mixed color yarn!

My Raverlry name is Suebanna :D

Tisya said...

They're both so pretty!

Copper Flames


Summer Berry Pie (hrm craving desserts right now heh)

IslandGirlTisya on Rav ^^

Marij said...

I say...
#1 Sunny Autumn
#2 Blue Moon

Marij (PallasAthene on Ravelry)

Anonymous said...

#1 - either Three Bits or Threepence.
#2 - Turret.

My rav username is stickpixie.

milkmaidgoddess said...

I love both of those lovely colors!! And who can resist a yarny giveaway!!

The first reminds me of Curry Powder (my own blend)with lots of red pepper and cumin!!

The blue reminds of a bouquet of Lilacs and Tulips!!

Oldlthrnecksgirl said...

Hi there, I love the "rough" colourway and it could be called "Fiodior", Gaelic for "weaver". The second might be "Gethin", the Gaelic for "dusky".

Thanks for the fun, YarnluvinLizzy from Ravelry

Arlin said...

Maple Tree in Autumn
Frozen Time

RavID: Rlynn

Anonymous said...

Caramel Kiss
Blueberry Jam

Arlin said...

Can I submit another entry? :)
Citrine (which is a brown gem that promotes stability)
Amethyst (which is a purple gem, indicating a love for humanity and spiritual attainment)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Fall


Twilight Time

GrandmaFlea on Ravelry

ddcknitt said...

Copper and Plum Fusion

ddcknitt on Ravelery

Anonymous said...

Oh my these are gorgeous! The top one is San Clemente Sunset or Bryce Canyon Daydream, and the bottom is Desert Shadow Rose

Abycat on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous colors! The top one is San Clemente Sunset or Bryce Daydream. The bottom is Desert Shadow Rose.

PS: I'm abycat on Ravelry

Sorry if this posts twice I had problems with my browser.

LisaDuvall said...

So pretty!!

The top one is Falling Leaves

The bottom is...Grape Ape


(crazybabies on Ravelry)

ecgrayb said...

Top: Autumn sunset

Bottom: Soft lavender

I am ecgrayb on Ravelry.

Anonymous said...

The first is Fall Spectacle. The second is Berry Blend.

larndt on Rav

motheryin said...

Hi, the first one... Rapunzel's Weave, and the second... Indigo Hues
my name on ravelry is motheryin
Thank You

Kate said...

Colorado Sunset -- because it reminds me of how the sun looks on the rocks and landscape in Colorado, revealing warm and sometimes intense shades of color.

Cape Cod Morning Berries -- because it reminds me of picking berries in a backyard one summer in Cape Cod. Nothing better than getting up and picking some berries and bringing them in to eat for breakfast. Heaven.

I am greenbuddah on ravelry.

justliz said...

"Copperspun Sunset" for the top one

"Stormy Skies" for the bottom one

Both are very beautiful.

justliz (Ravelry name)

tatt3r said...

Autumn Windfall

Mixed Berries

Beautiful colors!

My ravelry name is tatt3r

Anonymous said...

Sugar Maple


Berry Surprise

darbyrose on Ravelry

Monet said...

Before Winter
Calm Mess

Lys said...

I am going to say:

Golden Pond


Dusky East

I am Wanderlustgrl on Ravelry

Chris C - Ringwood, NJ said...

Top one:
Sedona Sunset

Bottom one:
Carribean Dream

Ravelry ID: Erskinelake

Janet said...

Autumn forest for the top, hyacinth for the bottom--lovely shades, both!!

Shel said...

Heavenly Harvest


Bodacious Blueberries

shelbel on Ravelry

Janet said...

Not feeling hungry this morning so these colors remind me of autumn and spring--

autumn woods

Anonymous said...

Ooh, howabout, bark, and then jazz for the blueish one.

Momika said...


(Momika21 on Ravelry)

Cat said...




Catsfalk on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

beautiful yarn........
indian corn and winter sunset.

i'm nittingram on ravelry.

Patti Sandlin said...

Beautiful colorways!

Autumn Blaze and Blueberry Stains!

ohsobroke on Ravelry

Parthenia said...

Buried Treasure



- Parthenia on ravelry

MissMoosey said...


I'd say Honey Molasses for the top one, and Blueberry Scone for the bottom.

I am MissMoosey on Ravelry.

Anonymous said...

I like Copper Penny for the first one, because it reminds me of copper pennies that have seen good use!

The second one - maybe Purple Rain? Or Blurple. :P

twistedinstitches said...

Woodgrain and Purple Mountains Majesty

TaddieBee (Carol) said...

Light in Autumn
Blue Flag Lily

(First one reminds me of sunlight coming through fall trees. Second one reminds me of the irises my mother used to grow. My granny called them blue flag lillies.

TaddieBee on Ravelry.

Anonymous said...

Maple Leaves and Blueberry Muffin

Robbin on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

I love your yarns!! how about:
Copper Penny and
Pansy Motion
I am quilter144 on Raverly

Anonymous said...

Spare Ribs


Blueberry pancake

Can you tell that I'm hungry! :)


Anonymous said...

"playing in the leaves"


"Amethyst Bracelet"

I'm Mamashanan on Ravelry

Blake and Lucinda said...

wow, those are gorgeous colors.

The first one is very very autumn-y so I'll go with Autumn Sunset.

The next reminds me of the sky at night in the Alaskan summers- not quite dark-dark, but dark enough. For that, I'll suggest Midnight Sun.

I'm PaperBag at ravelry ;)

sunniechick said...

My suggestions are Harvest for the first colorway and Starry Night for the second.

They're both beautiful!

sunniechick on Ravelry

Anonymous said...


I'm sandybeach on ravelry

Anonymous said...

Lucky Penny


Norton or Cynthiana - these are two American grape varieties that are genetically identical. Their pigmentation is a dark blue-purple. They make very yummy wine.

silencepainter (RavID)

Anonymous said...

Another vote for the "pretty yarn" comment. I posted my name suggestions on Ravelry.

swtmdmboo : )

Rachel said...

Fire Storm

Purple Mountain's Majesty

rachelgirl014 on rav

Anonymous said...

Penny Lane for the top two and Very Berry for the bottom two.
- Krystina (Knitteresq on Rav)

noellesumma said...

Firebird for the top
Adagio Sunset for the bottom

Beautiful yarns!

Krysta said...

For the top:Caramel Swirl
Bottom: Aurora Twilight

Banrion on Ravelry

Dana said...

Beautiful colors!

1. Caramel Delight
2. Jolly Rancher

Submitted by OCD Knitting on Ravelry.

Lacey said...

how about copper penny and puple mountain. I am not a original at this.

Anonymous said...

How about Arizona and Blue Ridge.

NYCKay on Ravelry.

Anonymous said...

1- rustic charm
2- grape crush

from sparkles715 on ravelry

Eskimimi said...

The top one makes me think of copper kettles and harvest sunsets, so I think 'Copper Harvest' sounds nice, as if yo were to harvest and bundle up all of the different hues of copper together.

For the bottom one I looked for a long time and thought of the hues of heather in a field, and the shifting tones and saturations of smoke, so 'Heather Smoke' makes me think of the changing tones of the yarn.

Mimi (Eskimimi on Rav).

great idea fr a competition!

filambulle said...

The first one is definetly "Piano Bar".
The second one may be "Bank on the Beach"

Amazing: I am never inspired when it comes to name normally (as you can clearly see in my projetc pages on ravelry. Look for Filambulle...)
filambulle - Manuèle

laura said...

Lucky Penny for the top and Grapeberry for the bottom.

wondrousitem on Ravelry.

Threadless said...

for the top yarn (which I *love*):

Bronze Medal
Copper Penny

for the bottom yarn:

Winter Twilight
Iris Blush
Highland Heathers

Beautiful work! I love these naming contests because it's so fun to read everyone's submissions. But I don't envy the dyer for having to choose! :)

Threadless on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

The rust one is Falling Leaves and the second one Purple Riverbank.

Knittingdancer on Ravelry

Dawn said...


Suggestion for the browns colorway:

Caramel Haze
Burnt Sugar
Toffee Dreams

The other:

Leelenau (Michigan wine country - admittedly not as recognizable as the other two)
Wine Flight

I'm Dawnmaire at Ravelry

Anonymous said...

#1- Sunflowers in Bloom

#2 - Spanish Lavender (it is darker than English and French and it is richer and has a lto of different hues IMO)

CarmenRosario on Ravelry

Redford Phyl said...

Burnished Autumn and Plum Lovely.

RedfordPhyl on Ravelry, too.

Inez said...

Great contest --

For the top, "Autumn Garland" and for the bottom "Purple Rain"

Beautiful colors!!!

I'm RubySue on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

gorgeous looking yarn!

Rich Russet

Delectable Dionysus

pikkle said...

I'm pikkle on Ravelry. :)(:

For the top yarn, I suggest:
Harvest Moon

For the bottome yarn, I suggest:
Blueberry swirl

Happy naming!

Anonymous said...

Raven dream and popsicle punch.

New to ravelry as knitpuppet. Looking forward to checkin out your etsy and ravelry and YARN!

Tjejligan said...

1. Autumn delight
2. Violet dreams

Lovely colors by the way!

Anonymous said...

Atenveldt Desert for the top
Midnight in Meridies for the bottom

NurseBrandy on Ravelry
she who once was Martelle du Barrie way back in A.S.IV

sparklya said...

Very fun game!

Rusty Sunset


Blue Morning

sparklya on Ravelry.

Thanks for letting me play!

Katie said...

top one- copper kettle

bottom one- vineyard delight

Katie said...

forgot to add I'm sockajawea on Ravelry.

____________________ said...

Those are so pretty!
Top: Burning Straw
Bottom: Plum Garden

csuknitter on Ravelry.

Lisabeth T. "shenoahdesigns" on Ravelry said...

Top: Roasted Chestnuts

Bottom: Anastasia

maprice on ravelry said...

First one:
Autumn Gold
Sunset Dreams

Second one:
Winter Reflections
Evening Sky

drjayjr said...

Autumn Beauty for the top one

Twilight for the bottom. I'm drjayjr on ravelry.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful yarn!
French toast
Blueberry jam

SCole on Ravelry

Diane said...

RavName: diane2knit

Autumn Splendor


Blueberry Fields Forever

Gorgeous yarn!

Anonymous said...

Autumn Rust

Purple Mountains Majesty

I'm mousetress on Ravelry

Karen said...

Count me in - the top one is sunset splendour and the bottom one is stormy skies.

Adriana said...

Autumn Gold and Mixed Berry
(MissScarlet on Rav)

knittinella said...

Stunning colors!! Just beautiful.

My first thoughts:

Sierra Sky and Berry Blush

I am Knittinella on Ravelry.

Tabitha said...

How about Indian Summer and Mixed Berry Swirl

k.g gray said...

I think I would name the first one

Autumn's Solar Flare

and the second

Siren's Call

I'm emeraldstar on ravelery

chilloften said...

"Ancient Dining"- top two
"February Artist"-bottom two

ludistitcher said...

Those look like they would knit up into something lovely.

How about Caramel Apple and Amethyst Swirl?

(corkers on Ravelry)

Shari said...

didn't read the comments before me, so as not to be influenced, so hope I'm not repeating:

pumpkin soup
prune whip

i'm hungry.

Emily said...

Hmm hmm hmm. I'm thinking Brimstone for the top one, but I'm having a hard time coming up with anything for the blueish one. Maybe Vinyard?

I'm tattva1knits on ravelry.

Naelana said...

Lovely colours!

The top one is so evocative of Autumn leaves, I couldn't think of anything else! So my suggestion would be "Autumn Breeze".

The bluey, purple one is wonderful too, many people have suggested Berry related names, but for me I thought of flowers particularly the varied purples of the thistle, so my suggestion is just "Thistle".

I am Naelana on Ravelry.

Loztnausten said...

chai tea


blackberry cobbler

Shawn said...

Rust-covered Sunshine


Violet Beauregarde

Those are my suggestions! :-D

Kathleen said...

Branch Brulee
Mystic Muse

Anonymous said...

#1 (top) Hansel

#2 (bottom) Gretel

(Twizzler on Ravelry)

lizzie gregory said...

Pumpkin’s Paradise and Lilac Fields XD

lizzie1989 on ravelry

Linda said...

Amber Waves of Grain and Purple Mountain Majesty.

Lauren said...

I love the top yarn colour. They call to me as:

Summer Wheat Field and

Lavender Lust

Beautiful colours!

juliet said...

Warmth for the, er, warm one.
Splendour for the regally purplish one.

colourmama on Rav

nette said...

Names! Names! It's fun to come up with these. :)

For the top, "Newly Refinished" or "Bonded Leather". It may sound odd, but I get a strong wood/leather impression from the colors. Love it.

The bottom one strikes me as "Plum Gorgeous" or "Frozen Berries".

They're both beautiful. Great work!

Diana said...

Top sample: Cornucopia, candy corn, harvest, fall foliage, Spice

Bottom Sample: Azules, Lila, daydream

(Artemistress on ravelry)

Jeanne said...

Copper Heaven
Wild Berry Hill

Angela said...

Golden Queen and Princess Purple !!

I'm Cablequeen on Ravelry

trose said...

Beautiful yarn! My suggestions for names:
Copper Sunset
Storm Clouds

thaddeusrose on Ravelry :-)

Helen said...

Your colorways are beautiful!


Bottom yarn = BERRY COBBLER

BTW, I'm Folk on Ravelry.

bostonpurl said...

I would pick copper lights and indigo sky

naginata said...

I say :

Fidelio : for the red/gold, it's the name of a red/gold tulip


Inaugural: for the blue and red one

I'm tuliptoe on Ravelry!

kathknitnphoto said...

rustic summer and evening sunset.
they both have a beautiful mixtures and for some reason the orange blend gave this reminscent feel but warm.

Sarah said...

Let's go with "Fire on the Mountain" for the orange one, and "Purple Haze" for the bottom.

Sarah said...

Copper Pot
Blackberry Bush

Anonymous said...

How about in honor of Inaugeration Day:

- Amber Waves
- Purple Mountains

~Lauren (bebo on Ravelry)

Anonymous said...

Top one is Autumn Harvest and the bottom Ocean Turbelance.


Anonymous said...

Red Rocks Splendor


Razzleberry Pie

I'm mustloveyarn on Ravelry

Kat said...

I think the first one is

Autumn Gold

and the second one is

Berry Juice.

katafi on ravelry

Anonymous said...

Pretty colors.

I would say Twinkle for the golden color and Razzleberry for the blue.

alphapeppers on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

golden Haze


Ravelry ID Cindi120

Anonymous said...

lovely colors!!
Autumn Twilight for the top one and Berry Smoothie for the bottom one.

I am Angela678 on Ravelry

Christine/Clumsygrrl said...

Top: Morning campfire
Bottom: Aurora (as in Borealis)

clumsygrrl on ravelry

Brat said...

What pretty colors!

I'd go with:

Indian Corn


Wild Pansies

Ravname - BratKnits

Coty said...

great idea!

Renaissance Faire


Lady of the Lake

I'm MarkFifersMyHero on ravelry

colette1819 said...

These are such beautiful colors! For the first one, "October Skyline" or "Liquid Bronze" and for the second, "The Grapes of Wrath."

Sorry if I repeated any, I purposely didn't read any of the suggestions...

P.S. My name's colette1819 on Ravelry. :)

Anonymous said...

Autumn Leaves


Berry Wine

ravelry name is imablondie

P.S. the yarn is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I would name the top one SUMMER SUNSET and the second RISING DUSK. Both make me think of the beauty in the sky. my ravelry name is mieumieu - never done this before so I don't know if it will show.

Mizzle said...

Those are *so* beautiful!

I'd go for 'Mahogany' and 'Purple Dusk'... Not sure about the latter, but the former was easy. :)

Lucy said...

Au Currant
Red Rover

Morning Glory
Mauve Meanderings
Lavender Lanes

lucythechurchlady at Ravelry

Jessica said...

Oh, those are such pretty yarns!

I'm one of the few that does not see anything "blueberry" about the second one though, so here are my ideas!

First yarn:
Midnight Bonfire

Second yarn:
Raisin in the Sun

I am killerk on Ravelry. Thanks! :)

LexieKnits said...

I'm LexieKnits on Ravelry..

1) Broken leaves (just like the crunchy leaves you love when you're a kid)

2) Purple Reign (I love the royal purple colour in the bottom ones)

lovely yarn!

Presents said...

Hmm... I like...

Flicker and Wild Berry

Kori said...

Copper Sunset


Wild Berry Pie

(korih on Raverly. :D )

Begknitter said...

Both are gorgeous

My suggestions are

Brandy Snap

Jen (begknitter on ravelry)

AndreaLea said...


For the first, I'd say "Walk in the Woods"

For the second, "Blue Iris"

I'm AndreaLea on Ravelry. :)

Ashley said...

Lion's Mane


Blueberries for Sal

Wonk on ravelry

Anonymous said...

Golden Honey and Blueberries n' Cream

(I'm Huntress999)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colors! I'll be shopping in your etsy shop :-)

Desert Sunset
Blackberry Blossom (named after a famous bluegrass banjo tune)

Emma said...

I suggest Berry Berry Pie for the bottom one, and for the top: Golden Sunset.

They are beautiful!


Angela said...

Top one could be Tuscan Sunset and the bottom one could be Tahitian Twilight. Beautiful colorways!!

(Cantrix on Ravelry)

Anonymous said...

indian summer or summer sunset
blue moon

i am heartsknit on ravelry

Angela said...

For the first I would suggest Harvest Moon and the second Berry Smoothie.

Angela (aka Alegna75 on Ravelry!)

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