Friday, January 02, 2009

SPOILER ALERT------Sense and Sensibility socks --the beginning

so, i'm not a big lace knitter, but when i started thinking about socks for Sense and Sensibility, i immediately thought they should be a bit lacy. I decided after lots of thought that i wanted a turn down anklet with edges that had points. I looked at numerous lace patterns, didn't find precisely what i wanted so i launched off on my own...i cast-on and frogged entirely too many times to discuss, but have now reached this point

which i quite like. it is not too lacy. the yarn would obscure any significant lace. But a bit lacy. and has the edge that i wanted.

this shows the edge a bit better.

the wonderful and amazing thing is those needles. I got them for Christmas from my wonderful husband. I have asked for fiber related items in the past but never gotten any. I guess he has given in. I am officially (in his mind) truly an unrepentant fiber geek. i WIN!!!! heheehhehe.

Daria is coming over later to dye yarn for the shawl/cloak design that she is working on for the JA Yarn Club. Can't wait! i'm excited to get started dyeing.

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caillie said...

I love how the lace edging turned out!! Your work really paid off! Beautiful girl!!!!