Friday, January 23, 2009

Good Luck!

I'll leave comments on teh contest post open a couple more hours... then i'll shut them. Just so everyone knows how i handle this. (i've done contests like this before... i've never gotten quite this many responses, so THANKS!!!) I'll read through the comments, i try NOT to look at who suggested anything, so i've not read through the suggestions yet. I open the pages without avatars, and just read name suggestions (and related comments). I write down my favorites... usually about 10 a piece, but with 430 suggestions, i suspect there may be more than average, and then i spend awhile considering, usually i cross out those that are not my faves as i go... eventually coming down to 1 name for each skein.

for random winners, of course, i use a random number generator... my 6-yr-old! hehehehehhe

good luck!


Anonymous said...

Good luck to us? I think we should be telling you good luck!:) There were so many entries and really cool names that i have no idea how you finally choose:) Even with how you described your process i would hum and haw and but this one is good to so much it would not be funny.

caillie said...

You had so many entries I am sure the names will be able to be used with other skeins you dye up. It was exciting reading them all!

rn/ said...

Thanks for the good luck wish. I'm sure i will hem and haw. I always do. I do when i just ask my family and get 3 suggestions. Every suggestion has merits... it's very hard to pick, but caillie is right... i'll make a list of names that i may use in the future!