Sunday, January 07, 2007

my favorite handspun

These are my four current *favorite* skeins. I have given myself permission to save 1 more. My personal policy is that i can save up to 5 skeins of yarn (full-size skeins) just because. I don't have any real plans about what to make with these but i love them too much to sell them. that's all.

This is my newest favorite. It is a wool/silk blend that i spun, plied and then dyed.

This is an older skein that I also love. It is one of my first few spun from a *blended batt*.

This is a skein made from an accidental *blended batt*. I had a variety of purples, reds and blues and I blended them up to use up tiny bits of roving. I LOVE how saturated the color is.

This skein is my current oldest favorite. I love the color blend. I don't generally love these colors so much but in this skein i just can't resist.

These tiny skeins are also ones I can't seem to get rid of. I'm not sure what I'll do with them. But they are such fun I just can't sell them, and I'm not really sure what anyone else would do with them anyway. Most of them are *sample* skeins. When I create *blended batts* I usually find an even number (like 5.0 ounces or 150 grams or something) and keep the rest for myself to spin. That's where most of these little skeins come from. I still have a few more batts to spin that will give me similar size skeins. I'd like to find a shawl or similar pattern to make out these.


Cate K said...

Those four skeins actually look good together because there is a uniting theme. There is that warm brown/orange in three of them and the blue/purple in at least two. You could also incorporate a few of the little ones as transitionals to make that shawl... hmmm.

Robin said...

Hey, you have to have an example of your work on hand, right???? The colors are just yummy!