Tuesday, January 09, 2007

well...now what?

Gads...I've done it again and I just don't know what to do? I dyed a new skein of yarn and I love it. LOVE it. That actually puts me at my limit of 5 skeins of my own to keep. ACK. I've never had this many skeins that I was keeping before. I'm not sure i can. But i'm not sure i can get rid of the new skein either. :-(

So--what should i do? Keep it? Give it to someone special? Other options?

If I were to make something out of this I've no idea what I should make. HMMMMM...


Crow Calling Woman said...

OMG! It is so pretty! It's Copper Madness!
Pssst...you've been -gasp!- TAGGED!


Crow Calling Woman said...

HOW DO YOU DO THAT?! I love your yarns!

tisjewel said...