Thursday, September 07, 2006

well...i've determined to do at least one or two more colorways before i decide which to send out for my "roving of the month club." for those interested in furthur info this is the description i give in my etsy store: love spinning, or you're just learning? You love getting packages in the mail...this is just the deal for you!

Each month you will get a surprise in the mail. Everyone loves surprises! You will get approximately 4 ounce of beautiful handdyed roving/batt ready to spin. It will come in a single dye lot. This is enough to make a scarf or project a month.

One month you may get beautiful lusterous Tussah Silk. Another month you could open your box to find fluffy wool, sometime you may find beautiful, fuzzy llama. You never know what will strike my fancy for the month!

Upon becoming a member you will receive a small questionaire. You will be asked to select several colors that you prefer and several that you prefer not to receive. I will do my best to honor these preferences and I will of course not send you anything you are allergic to. Do be aware that THIS level of membership will mean you receive some wool.

this level of membership runs $200.00 ( I take payment of $20.00 a month for 10 months if you prefer). I have a smaller membership level that get you 1 ounce instead and costs $75.oo (I'll take payments on this level as well) In your first month of membership you also receive one handpainted spindle (with Celtic Knotwork typically)If you're interested in more than 4 ounces a month I can do that....just let me know (basically it's $4.00 an ounce for more than 4 ounces a month). Shipping is always included in the cost! email me at in you're interested.

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