Wednesday, September 13, 2006

new batts coming

well--i have two new jar dyeing experiments to card up ...but they aren't dry yet. One is more purple, salmon, and aztec gold. It, of course, came out different than the contest batt. I also have another jar of wool to card that is aztec gold, salmon, and yellow. I know, I know, I put salmon and aztec gold in everything...what can i say? I love them. my kitchen table is covered with wool that needs carding before i run off to vermillion this weekend! A whole weekend off. No kids, no husband, no work! YAY!

Sept. 11th passed quietly. another year...more tears...but also more of a sense of peace at least for me (inside peace...not world peace.)

I wish i could make the whole world sit down for several days and learn to spin on a spindle. when i was in high school i wrote a poem for a contest...i don't remember it now but it basically pointed out that you have to find peace inside yourself for the world to be peaceful. I have found such peace in spinning. I wish i could offer that to all the politicians, and all the angry mobs, and all the sad people. the world would surely be more peaceful.

I'm going to talk to the people that teach community classes here and ask about teaching spinning. Two people i work with already want to learn to spin. I'm hoping...

what do other people charge to teach a couple hour spindle spinning class including supplies? I was thinking $25.00 maybe and they walk away with a spindle and some wool to play with. does that seem reasonable? to get ready for work!

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Marianne said...

I would be on a spindling class for 25$ in a heartbeat!