Friday, September 29, 2006

carding and such

last night i carded up my "Black Cherry Cola" Batts...I'm not sure i can give them up!

My silk isn't dry yet...i'm hoping tonight it will be. I can't wait to get it carded up together. I've decided to keep my etsy store open but to concentrate more on spinning supplies then on handspun yarn. course, spinning supplies are harder to give up! I card up some beautiful batts and I just want to spin them up!!!

Next I'm going to work on some llama batts. The only problem is getting the stuff out of it. i think i need combs.

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Crys said...

I'm having the exact same trouble... I card up or dye something beautiful and then I want to keep it for myself to spin...I so don't want to sell it!

Love your batts...they look luscious!