Friday, September 22, 2006

funky new fall days

I'm not normally a big novelty yarn spinner. I think it's pretty but mine is never as nice as i'd like. this turned out quite good tho (i think). It's what i call "garbage batt." I took everything left over from various batts and blended it up on my drum carder. Then i spun it very lightly and plied it with navy blue sewing thread. I places i pushed up other places i allowed the yarn to loop around the sewing thread in interesting and novel ways. (sorry couldn't resist). anyway...there's not a ton but it is quite pretty! Posted by Picasa


Crow Calling Woman said...

WOW, you plied with it with regular sewing thread? Fantastic!

Robin said...

Very pretty! I like the bit of purple with the gold.

Claudia said...

They're gorgeous! If I came aross them at a fiber event - I'd buty them in a heartbeat!