Wednesday, September 20, 2006


demos are weird. i had everything from people who just wanted a free lunch to people who wanted to learn to spin. and everything in between! Strange. I walk this fine and meandering line trying on one hand to give enough detail for those interested and not too much detail so i lose the people who are only tangentially interested. Throw in ccasional silliness. Being silly about your own hobby is great. The smell of hot vinegar and wet wool is always good for a laugh (or something). the fact that my hobby will soon take over my daughter's bedroom...giggles. But then a discussion of how to ply yarn. totally different.

demos are nothing like teaching a class where everyone is there to actually learn. NOTHING. Classes are straight forward. Teach the steps. Do them. Over and Over. Demos have to be amusing. Entertaining. Perhaps i should have sung. But, it went well...i think. It was a wildly wandering and meandering line...but i did walk it. What fun!


Gail said...

I attended you demo today, it was great. You did a good job of walking that line. I also noticed several people just there for the free lunch. It would have been nice if the other presenter showed up. But you did a great job carrying the whole hour. You really need to convince the community ed people to have you put on a spinning class. As long as it doesn't conflict with one of my college classes I would love to attend

"T" Van Hoecke said...

Rita, Hello, I bumped into you on Etsy. Remember I ordered some roving for doll hair.
I became so smitten with knitting because of Etsy and shortly there after decided, I must learn to spin.
I have hardly been on etsy since, too busy learning and I am expecting my new spinning wheel in the mail any day!
Just wanted to say hello and your yarn is as lovely as ever.