Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We started out the morning in Albuquerque on the search for fiber. Village Wools is a store that actually sells spinning stuff and I had to go. Unfortunately they've if you're looking for them be aware their address has changed...they have a great, new store on Anaheim Ave., NE. Lauri, Marlene and Audrey were as friendly and helpful as anyone would want. they're great...definitely visit!

Then on the way out of town we passed by this bridge...Route 66 used to run over's closed now but pretty cool anyway. Then we headed out onto reservation land. The scenery was really beautiful...I wish i could show you...but we were guests in someone's home and we respected their wishes not to take pictures. (it is posted at the reservation edge that photographs and video are not if you want to see it....come on down and see turtle rock for's worth the drive!)
We drove through rusty red canyons all day's some red walls from near the continental divide.

We stopped to pictures and mail a postcard at Continental Divide, NM....I didn't know that was an actual town.

Then we ate lunch in Gallup...The Hotel el Rancho is a wild conglomeration of architectural styles that has attracted movie stars from days gone by...from Clark Gable to John Wayne, from Jane Wyman to Ronald Reagan...they stayed here...

From Gallup we headed out through a few ghost towns and then back into reservation land where the old Route is completely gone, we crossed into Arizona. We decided that we wanted to see the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest so we took a little detour...we couldn't have drive the old road anyway, and the scenery was totally worth it.
the Painted Desert reminds me of the Badlands of South Dakota. the colors are a little different, darker and less yellow, but clearly the same elements of wind and rain at work here.

Route 66 did go right through the Painted Desert. Here we all are at the place where the old road used to run...apparently the road bed was taken up and you can't even tell there was a road there now...except for the line of short electric poles.
This little guy was hanging out with his family too....

Newspaper Rock is amazing...covered with petroglyphs.

Then on to the Petrified Forest end of the loop. This was truly amazing. We stayed until the moon rose over the hills and we wouldn't be able to see anymore before we finally headed out for Holbrook.

The Wigwam Motel had no vacancies... but it has great neon.... more pictures tomorrow of the concrete teepees!


MoD said...

Looks like you are having fun on your vacation!
I can't believe how big the kids are getting!
Say hi to everyone for me.

abe-hap said...

to see the Grand Canyon would be truly spiritual - maybe one day I'll get to see it ;)