Friday, June 29, 2007

The Real Road

One last picture to say goodbye to Williams...and on to Seligman...
Seligman was all we were promised... they take Route 66 seriously HERE!

Kingman was great... the museum was totally worth the admission...
the food was good too!
Out of Kingman we had this to look forward to...a hard drive up through the Black Mountains and then....the Mojave desert!

This roadrunner seemed to be just posing for us! Unfortunately, Cold Springs is closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays so we didn't get to go in.

The Black Mountains were rough... I had a hard time imagining how old 30s cars made it up these roads... After the museum i thought often about those beat up cars, ready to fall apart. All along the road there were crosses. I wonder if they were from then or earlier?

I can't imagine how the pioneers and after them the people running from the dirty 30s felt, after coming through the Black Mountains and descending to see the green around the river, to see this stretching out before them... and mountains... more mountains to cross ahead.

If you decide to drive Route 66 in California... do, but buy a book! They let you know you're on the right road very well.... but there are no signs to get you there!

All along the road under the moon were the skeletons of days gone by.... moments in time frozen. I have a hard time imaging people just packing up and leaving... I doubt that i would be able to make myself do it. walk away from a lifetime of memories...

I think i found the real road last night... the mother road.... driving along this stretch of california as the sun was going down and the moon was all felt real. Not like some stage set, but real! It was sort of spiritual in ways. It reminded me of being 10.... i think the road has been left alone, not repaved, not moved... just as it was when it closed... but later!

And at the end of the road for us... Barstow... and the same moon that's been hanging over Route 66 forever!


spininmamma3 said...

Rita- thanks for the comment about the yarn on my blog! Looks like you're still having a wonderful time. I haven't been to Abq to get in to Village Wools yet (I haven't gotten that far south for quite a while!) Hope the fiber is great- have a super rest of your vacation- all the pics are great! Chelsea

Circular Accessories said...

My son's favorite movie is Cars. I didn't realize how accurate the setting and characters in the movie were. Those are some great pictures. I am fascinated by old cars and towns.

rita said...

it was amazing how true to Cars it was!