Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Good Morning Albuquerque!

Santa Rosa was charming! We left Santa Rosa on the old allignment. Apparently in 1937 Route 66 moved. It went through Sante Fe pre-1937 and straight across skipping Sante Fe after 1937. We decided to take the old Route and see Sante Fe...since Stephen informed it was the capital! So we headed out...the scenery was amazing!

We took a small detour to Las Vegas, NM....(it was only 3 miles). The visitor

center used to be in caboose....This church is old and pretty amazing. it reminded me of churches in England where the cemetary is in the church yarn--oops yard!

Here we are on the road ...with a pre-1937 sign!

We discovered a fold in space and time in New Mexico. We took a momentary detour to San Jose, New Mexico and it looks like it folded into Old Mexico instead. We dropped a postcard in the mail and moved right along.... Wish I knew what this amazing half-cactus/half bush was!

We drove by--but didn't stop as this ruined Mission...it was burned down in 1680 during an Indian Revolt. It had been a center for trade prior to that.

We wandered around downtown Sante Fe...it was fun, the food at the Burrito Company was good and spicy! We saw more old churches....lots and lots of adobe....McDonald's in adobe, Border's in adobe, Thai food.... you name it Sante Fe has it in adobe.

We drove on to Albuquerque and stopped for supper--ok we ate mozzarella sticks and chili fries so we would all have room for the super deserts at 66 Diner...where the service was fab and the neon was to die for...

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abe-hap said...

I would love to go to the 66 diner it looks like fun :)