Monday, June 25, 2007

spinning along on Route 66

Hey...we got to Amarillo, TX day before yesterday (Saturday about midnight). Then yesterday we started on Route 66 where we could...occasionally driving on Interstate 40 where the old Route is gone. We saw all kinds of cool stuff. From our first Route 66 sign, in downtown Amarillo,

to Cadillac Ranch...where we of course added our little bit...

From Vega....

to Midpoint Cafe where we all had Route 66 Root Beer.

To the last motel/first motel in Texas, where we may have located 'Mader (if you haven't seen the movie Cars you really should).

All along the road we saw awesome stuff...places that are still amazing, like Tucumcari....where the Mesa looks almost like a car...and places that have long since quit being anything but skeletons of buildings where people used to have fabulous times....We stayed last night in Santa Rosa...had dinner at the Joseph's Bar and Grill (awesome Mexican American food!) and saw all the amazing Neon!

Today....we're off for Santa Fe and Albuquerque....more later!

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spininmamma3 said...

Enjoy the trip and hope you have fun in SF and Abq! Those are very close to home for me (I'm about 25 min north of SF) Can't wait to see more pics!