Thursday, April 29, 2010

shawls and such

I started a new shawl awhile back.  i have a center panel done.  yesterday i put all the stitches on yarn and blocked out what is done.  unfortunately, what i found was that the center panel is really awesome... and the rest is NOT.  damn.  so, i hav to rip back (ugh) to the edge of hte center panel and rethink it.  apparently i did not pick up enough stitches along the center panel.  the side is much narrower than the center is.  this little sketch is an incredibly crude explanation of what i'm working toward:

the lines in each portion show the direction of knitting--i have the center done--the part with the swallowtail bottom--and i love it.  unfortunately when i stretch out the center, the part i have done on the side is not nearly as wide as it should be.  i guess i need to add stitches after the initial pick-up.  oops.

i'm alternating between feeling a bit overwhelmed with the upcomign move and thinking that it will all be fine.  i haven't done any packing yet.  i guess i figure we'll deal with it saturday and sunday.  :-)  instead i'm working on getting everything skeined out that i can, since my biggest concern with the new shop is that it won't look full enough. 

as luck would have it a lovely guy showed up yesterday that does signs asking about whether i needed a sign at the new shop.  he's going to bring in an estimate next week.  YAY!!

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Desert Flower said...

I am excited you get to move to a new shop already! haven't bugged you much on twitter cause you're busy.