Tuesday, April 27, 2010

knitting tips

so, when i started knitting i did lots and lots of things wrong, because well, no one told me not to.  so, here's a couple of tips i've learned.  post a comment if you've got some you've learned that i haven't listed.

always slip stitches purl-wise unless told otherwise.

except in ssk, for which you slip knitwise. 

always slip the first stitch in every row unless told otherwise.

if you want to untwist a stitch that is laying on your needles wrong (unless you knit combination) knit/purl in the back loop.  it'll automatically untwist it. 

so... what's you fave tip?


Laura said...

Good tips! I'm still learning about the ol' twisted stitches. I am very good at twisted stitches {G}

rita n/ said...

don't feel bad, i spent the first two years twisting ALL my stitches. i was knitting in the backloop ALL the time. silly me.