Tuesday, April 27, 2010

how often?

how often do you check blogs for new posts? i'm curious what other people's blog reading habits are. i often check a couple times a week. if i check too often and find no new content i tend to stop checking as often.... maybe only once a month.

what kind of content do you like? knitting? personal? stories? dyeing? more pictures?

this blog has been a variety of those... and i'd like to know what my readers actually want from a blog.


skaro964 said...

I check daily on the blogs I follow. I like everything you have posted so far. Yarnie stuff, patterns, dyeing are always a learning experience for me.

I know that when I get busy I may only post once or twice a week. So You have to go with your own schdule. Your are one busy mom, with kids, a shop and a life. So please put your kids first they grow up so fast.

MollyKnits said...

The blogs I "follow" I check daily.

Yours has been added to my follow list.

Cozy said...

I found you in the E forums long ago and have followed ever since. I subscribe to blogs with Google Reader so that whenever someone posts on whatever schedule it comes to me.

My favorite blogs are blends of personal musing, craftiness and great photos.

Artisttia said...

I follow blogs about once a week. I just tend not to be on the computer as much as I'd like.