Thursday, March 12, 2009

wool sleeves and socks (spoiler alert)

the wool sleeves are coming along well. Unfortunately at the expense of the Pride and Prejudice Socks, which MUST be done soon. so inspite of my new project i must go back to the old one and finish this pair of socks. MUST.

in the meantime i continue to look for evidence of purling used as decoration in knitting during the 12th or 13th century.

the first sleeve is coming along nicely. it is almost long enough now without any squish-down to create the lines. (almost)

so i figure if i add a couple inches after it is long enough i'll be good.

the shaping is coming along well. the sleeve isn't all the interesting looking as a flat item,

so i'm not quite sure how i'll put together the display for the A&S contest so that it is not utterly boring. i figure i'll keep a bit of the wool to show were i started, then show a bit of it on a spindle, and some plied and ready to knit. sort of "sheep to shawl, um sleeve" like. then show this sleeve, one with the "decorative purling" and a linen sleeve (not attatched to a garment) all of which can be tried on to show which looks closer to the illuminations. maybe i'll also include photographs of each "on" as well.

the socks do not look terribly much further along than last time, because i frogged and reknit all the foot that is done. I decided after some thought to add a decorative pattern on the top of the foot. so i starting doing the lattice work in knits and purls on the top. NOW, i'm not quite sure i like it well, actually pretty sure i don't. not because it's not interesting but because *I* like things to move along quickly without a lot of thought, and this does NOT allow for that. So, i'm going to suggest that the faster/easier pattern would just do garter stitch, but if one is interested in true fabulosity, they should try this. (the next sock will not have it) in my socks.
as you can see, the decorative top is really lovely, but perhaps not for me!


Kolbrunna said...

I think you might be high. But I love you so I respect your need for speed. They are so exquisite, surely the extra 2 hours of knitting time can't be so bad? Hmm. Maybe I'm the one who is high?

rn/ said...

if it were two hours i'd agree. BUT, i cannot knit the silly pattern while doing ANYTHING else. AT ALL. I have to sit down and knit the foot with NO distraction at all. which drives me nuts. BUT, they are beautiful. and Perhaps it is worth it.

Turtle said...

all i know is that pattern is beautiful!

caillie said...

cool socks!!! Are you sending my needle holders any time soon?? I forgot you said you would send one to me. :-)

frolicnfibers said...

Those are the most beautiful socks...I love the colors :)!