Monday, March 09, 2009

knitting history

a bit about the history of knitting and my little project.
there are some small pieces of knitting probably as early as 1000 AD, possibly earlier... much of the earliest pieces that were once identified as knitting are actually naalbinding. these socks, for example

were naalbound, a technique similar to knitting, but done with a single needle.

by the 10th century there are actual knit socks (altho many were done entirely with twisted stitches). Most were middle eastern, likely Egyptian and done with colored band (almost always indigo dyed) and cotton.

by the 16th century knitting was quite advanced and had spread all over Europe. From hats knitted and fulled in England

to tunic-y items knitted (likely on frames) in Italy

to gloves in Spain
knitting was everywhere.
My little experiment will be somewhat like armwarmers. scoggers and knitted sleeves were ( i believe) both separate items that were not connected to a garment. I'm researching the history of purling, because i think perhaps the lines that can be seen on the arms in the illuminations and statuary are actually purl lines. My plan is to make this set, another one with the purl rows and a linen sleeve. just experimentally, which will look the closest? i'm not sure... i guess i'll find out.


caillie said...

Good Luck!! That is a bit of research you've done! I hope you find it to be knitting.

Aethelflaed said...

Awesome, thanks Rita!

Sarah said...

What a fascinating project!

Terry said...

Cool post! Thanks for the info.