Friday, March 20, 2009

happy spring

i wandered out into my yarn this morning. it is grey and brown and in spite of the spring equinox... nothing much is happening. we had snow on the ground just last week...

i guess i shouldn't expect much... it's just too early in South Dakota to expect much else. i want there to be more... i planted several hundred bulbs and was hoping.

and then, i see it. a tiny bit of green. there.

and there

and then i see the flax... it's green too!
and i realize they're everywhere!

it truly is SPRING!!!!!


caillie said...

Happy Spring!!!

Anonymous said...

A Freudian slip. Did you notice you went to look at your "yarn" instead of your "yard?"

rita n/ said...

that is totally awesome. i hadn't noticed... and now i don't think i can change it... it's just too funny!

Turtle said...

it's a start!! smile