Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sock Yarn!

Ok..i admit it...i'm addicted to socks and dyeing sock yarn. I'm enthralled with how different dyeing methods work, developing new ones, etc. I love knitting socks...i admit it! so...i'm working on a new dyeing method that will produce gradiated stripes ...

this Pilot skein of this dyeing technique is not quite perfect...the next will be better!

But, I'm calling this Dinner and a Drink because the colors remind me of a spaghetti dinner and red wine....
I love how the how it looks all twisted!

I'm calling this one Pele's hair.
When i showed it to a friend she said it looked just like this volcanic glass created by wind that is called Pele's hair...she's the hawaiin goddess of volcanos. I think it quite appropos.

What do you think?


and what are you working on?

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