Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Okay, seems like I am "it".

Here are the rules:
1.List seven random facts/habits about yourself
2.Choose another seven bloggers to tag and list their names in your blog
3.Leave your seven tagged bloggers comments to notify them of their tagging and to direct them to your blog for tag instructions.

1. i have two different colored eyes. one is green and one is brown. odd but true.
2. I participate in a medieval reenactment group. My persona is a 12th century bard.
3. I have 3 children--amanda, stephen and brenden
4. I've been in 26 of the 50 states.
5. my favorite color is green
6. i play irish harp
7. dr. pepper is my favorite soda.

I'll be listing bloggers soon!


Right As Rain Creations said...

Yay! It was fun coming back and reading your seven tidbits! :)

That is awesome about your eyes! I want to meet you in person even more now so I can study them.

Blessings to you! Megan

Froggy said...

Do you do these often? =P I just ran into your January post where I as unknowingly tagged....

rita said...

this makes twice froggy..i tried to tag you but your blog would not let me post any comments. :-(

Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

my favorite color is green, i love your music and your childrens names are very nice, they will love them as adults, i just know it.