Monday, May 28, 2007


for those who only want to hear about yarn: WARNING: Non-fiber post.

We went a bought a new grill and cooked steaks today. I love cooking out. And they were really REALLY good. Yummy!

then we had rootbeer floats...I love, love rootbeer floats. My parents always went out the the A&W restaurant in town, when i was a kid, and bought a gallon of rootbeer (just on the 4th of July). It was fountain pop, so they would bring it out to the car in a gallon milk jug. (ah for the days of carhops...) Anyway, that made my holiday complete...

what summer holiday traditions do you have?


abe-hap said...

Hello Rita Im just browsing through the spinning and weaving ring and came to your site - love the pics of your yarn, your blog really is a great yarn feast thats for sure :) will pop back again to see what your up too. bye!

Robin said...

Summer Traditions --- Catching lightening bugs!!!!