Sunday, October 29, 2006

socks off!

ok--I hate them. the yarn is too thick and i can feel the stitches. the toes are not finished quite perfectly (i need to practice kitchner stick) I don't like the pattern, either. But it was a good learning experience. turned out slightly bigger than the other. (OOPS!) Posted by Picasa


Birdsong said...

I read your Spindlers post and came to take a look... worsted is fine for socks, especially boot socks, but needs a tighter gauge. Try washing them in the machine, cold water, gentle cycle, and line drying as they will full just a bit, but not shrink like in hot sudsy water. They will probably soften up a lot, and if they are a bit tight, will stretch back out. I have made DH a lot of boot socks from all-wool, and they have been his faves. I do have to knit tighter than I would for anything else..

~Linda in Virginia said...

Hi Rita! I'm with you on hating it when one turns out slightly bigger. That's when I learned to do two socks on one circ. Then you always know ... :D Cheers! ~Linda in Virginia