Friday, October 13, 2006

and now the only question is...

do i keep it or sell it? I love, love, LOVE the colors. It is a beautiful Mohair Yarn. It is 4 plus ounces (122 grams) and i love it...but maybe i should sell it. This is the bottom layer of my jar dyeing experiment with mohair. after i pulled it out and started playing with it i loved the aztec gold/chestnut brown layer so much as a separate batt that i just HAD to spin it up myself! What do you think? keep it? sell it? weave a scarf? what? HELP!!!! Posted by Picasa


Barbara said...

I find myself unable to sell my yarns after spinning them. I have given them away - my sister is notorious for raiding my yarn baskets.

I have to hide yarns that I have spun and am attached to... lol

I think if you love it, you should make something for yourself with it.


Jes said...

wow, just wow.... gorgeous!! I agree with Barbara up there, you should keep it and make something for yourself!! Its too pretty to part with.

Crow Calling Woman said...

O-M-Goddess, that would make a wonderfull shawl or scarf!!
Keep it, be a selfish knitter!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful yarn. You did a fabulous job of dyeing and spinning it. My vote: Make yourself a scarf or something pretty.

Peggy in Utah