Sunday, January 15, 2006

playing with plying

so...I've been playing a lot with novelty yarn plying. These are a couple interesting some normal ones. "Raisin"has the purple-ish yarn pushed up onto the blue yarn so it looks sort of like raisins. The knotty yarn has the plying yarn (the pink one) pushed up over spots that are already plied creating sort of knotting spots. I think I like the pushed up look better, but they both have very interesting texture! Lots of fun...and of course, the blue to purple gradiation. I love this combination!

a couple days of dyeing and spinning!


Carrie said...

The novelty yarns are great! I especially like the pinky/orangy one!

Did you do them on a drop spindle, or a wheel?

rita said...

these are done on a wheel. I don't know if I could do them on a spindle. Because of what it involves, I'm not sure I could do all that stuff. I'll have try!