Monday, September 29, 2008

OK--so vote!

I've picked the following 6 options for each yarn--

please vote ONCE for each... I will be sending out 2 free skeins of yarn --one to each person who suggests the winning name--and one more skein to someone randomly drawn!

Primary Colors
That's the Ticket
Winning Ticket
Hero Hues

Alaska Rose
Simply Sarah
Pale in Pink
Perfectly Palin
Rink Pink
Mrs. Palin Goes to Washington


Anonymous said...

hey there.. I vote:


they are beautiful
-icraft (ginna)

Charity said...

That's the Ticket!


Alaska Rose

I'm popping over from Ravelry. Fun contest! :)

AllyKatt said...

Primary Colors


Pale in Pink

MrsLolo said...

1. Thats the Ticket
2. Pale in Pink

Christi (CDBear) said...

I vote for "Mavericks" and "Mrs Palin goes to Washington" !

You did a great job, Rita!

lilrachie said...

Mavericks, Alaska Rose

Loon said...

Thanks for including all of us in your fab project - the yarns are a great tribute to Senator McCain & Governor Palin!




MyDailyFiber said...

Simply Sarah

Susie J. said...

That's The Ticket
Alaska Rose

Ali Sanders said...

I like Alaska Rose and Mavericks.

A little o/t but what do you do in the SCA? I did embroidery and I was an Ansteoran Red Scarf.


Harleygurl54 / Ali

Delane21 (ravelry) said...

Can I combine two names for the first yarn, and vote for "Maverick Patriot" ? And for the second one, "Alaska Rose."

Great names!!

~ Delane

glimmerite said...

Hero Hues & Alaska Rose.

Lovely colors, btw. :D

BuzzKnitter said...

i vote for:


Mrs. Palin Goes to Washington

they are gorgeous yarns, both of them! wonderful job! :)

Diane / "Didi" said...

#1 - Primary Colors

#2 - Mrs. Palin Goes to Washington

Anonymous said...

1.-That's the ticket

2.-Pale in Pink

powdersticks on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

I vote for

That's the ticket
Simply Sarah

Susanne in Ohio

mistressannie said...

Winning Ticket


Pale in Pink

Anonymous said...

1. That's the Ticket
2. Alaska Rose

Love those colors! (BTW, I'm Greys4meVA on Ravelry) :-)

itsmemim said...

I vote for That's the Ticket & Perfectly Palin. :-)

catfiber said...

That's the ticket and Perfectly Palin

I too am coming over from Ravelry, and your yarn looks very good!

Anonymous said...

Mavericks and Mrs. Palin goes to Washington

-Very nice colorways

BolderTutor said...

Mavericks for the first

Alaska Rose for the second

Jessica, aka TopazGirl said...

Winning Ticket, and Alaska Rose - but all the names are awesome! Your colors are so perfect. :)

Mylene said...

Hero Hues and Alaska Rose

Very pretty colors, I now have to beg DH for some extra money to buy some yarns :o)

sudsywudsy said...

gorgeous colors!!

my votes:

Mavericks and Alaska Rose

MissRach said...

Hmm. Palin Pink and Winning Ticket. So lurvely! :)

taraknits said...

I vote Maverick and Alaska Rose! :)

barbp said...

That's the Ticket and Alaska Rose

WendyM said...

Primary Colors & Alaska Rose

Bonnie said...

That's the ticket


Alaska Rose

Nina said...

Mavericks and Alaska Rose - very pretty

H said...

Hero Hues and Alaska Rose!

Blessings and thanks,


Castrated Bean said...

Perfectly Palin, and Hero Hues!


Leah said...

I vote for:
That's the Ticket and Simply Sarah...they are both beautiful!

Tammy said...

Primary Colors & Simply Sarah

Anonymous said...

I vote for
Patriot and Alaska Rose


Otter said...

Winning Ticket
Alaska Rose

MissRach said...

Err, that was SUPPOSED to be "Pale in Pink" not "Palin Pink". Sorry!

Angie said...

Primary Colors & Alaska Rose. And what pretty colors they are.

Anonymous said...

Primary Colors
Mrs. Palin Goes to Washington


Anonymous said...

1. Patriot


2. Perfectly Palin

Catfiber on Ravelry

BeauNoze said...

I vote Patriot and Alaska Rose.

BeauNoze said...

I vote Patriot and Alaska Rose.

Biz said...

Ok. Here's my second vote. I like Mavericks and Perfectly Palin.

Ally said...

I vote for

1. That's the Ticket
2. Alaska Rose