Thursday, September 25, 2008

name help!

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OK--so i have this lovely yarn...

the following name suggestions:

Lipstick Pigs

Pretty in Pinks

Piggy Goes Out

Lipstick Dreams

Pitbull Pink

Trig’s Mom’s Lipstick

This Little Piggie goes to the White House

Pale in Pink

Hockey Mom

The Pink House

The New GOP

Palin Pride

Rink Pink


Sara’s dreamway

Alaska Rose

Piggy goes to DC

Pink Elephant

Simply Palin


Palin Pinks


hockey mom

Putting on the Ritz

Palin Pink

Maverick 2.0


Lipstick on a Pit Bull

Lipstick on a Pig

Perfectly Palin

Pink Passion

sassy pink

pink politics

pink confidence

White House Pink

Sarah’s Choice

political in pink

Please vote below--just leave a comment voting, or suggest a new one! either way, the winning name will get a free skein!

NOW... i also dyed this yarn...
It is McCain/Palin yarn --his color blue and gold, the alaska flag is also blue and gold and red, because well, she wears red...and the red fades to pink a bit, lipstick pink, i think... so i'm also looking for name suggestions for this! so...
suggest me a name for either or both or vote--
the winning names will get a skein of the yarn!


Anonymous said...

New names: Pitbull Pink, Rough and Ready Rose, Burnished Baracuda

Loved all the names you suggested too, but like my three suggestions. :)

Crafty Attorney

Debbie said...

Oh man! I get to be first. And you expect us to pick just one name from all of those great ones. OK. I think I would go with Palin Pink. Or perhaps "Simply Sarah" which I didn't see listed.

Casey Jo said...

I vote for "Sarah's Choice"
I'd call the yellow blue and red, "Maverick"

neetz23 (ravelry ID) said...

I vote for "lipstick dreams" for the pink yarn, and suggest "patriot" for the second one.

That's the first thing that comes to mind when I think of this party because I think they are bringing us back to our patriotic roots.

Kelly H. said...

Love the colorways! Way to go.

For the top, I suggest Pink House.

For the bottom, what about McPalin Pride?

Good luck deciding!

MrsLolo said...

I love "Pale in Pink" because of the play on Palin.

As for the other yarn.. I say "Reform Patriot"

CMyKnitting said...

I like Lipstick Pigs, This Little Piggie Goes to the White House, or Pitbull Pink, myself. And I think the McCain/Palin yarn should bear the moniker Maverick 2.0, since it represents both of them. I also like MrsLoLo's suggestion, Reform Patriot.

AllyKatt said...

for the first, my favorite is pale in pink {as said before}.

the second - like "primary colors".
it's not really the primary anymore, but it gets the message across in a subliminal way!

MyDailyFiber said...

Perfectly Palin, I want to forget the Pig and lipstick comments.

Its very pretty.

Biz said...

Rink Pink, or Perfectly Palin.

The bottom one..I'm partial to the Reform Patriot name MrsLolo came up with.


HavingMySay said...

Name suggestion for the first one: Lipstick This!

And for the second one: That's the Ticket.

I'm LeslieJo on Ravelry.

BammerKT said...

I'm gonna have to vote for "Lipstick on a Pitbull" Love the yarn too!

Phlel said...

I vote, for this first one, Palin Pink. Plus you have an excellent list for a bunch of new colors.

Phlel said...

I like Maverick for this one. It covers both McCain and Palin, just like the yarn does.

cubedog said...

I vote Palin Pink.
And suggest:
Winning Ticket

Karen said...

These are great colorways!

For the first, I like "White House Pink" and the second, havingmysay's "That's the Ticket."

CDBear said...

This Little Piggy Goes to the White House is perfect!!

For the second colorway, how about McCuda!

Ali said...

Goodness they are all so pretty!

For the first I do like Pink Politics or Palin Pink.

For the second one I like "Winning Ticket", or "Country First".

Harleygurl54 on Ravelry.

Kari said...

I vote for political in pink

You could also call it "Mrs. Palin goes to Washington"

Anonymous said...

My offers:

Pink is for Change
Country First

Mary in AZ
marusya on Ravelry

Tracie (mscrochets) said...

"Glass Ceiling" is my suggestion for either one. My vote would be for Pink Confidence because I'd thought of that one as well. :)

Anonymous said...

I really like Pink Confidence for the first one. I guess the reason is because Sarah just shows the confidence she has in herself and what she stands for every time I watch her. This yarn would be a good reminder of her strength and confidence.

For the second one I like Winning Ticket, because that is what McCain and Palin are no matter what the outcome is come November. The yarn looks like a winning ticket too.

Julie - AKA Lookin4ud

Tammy said...

Barracuda or Simply Palin

bronwynpurl said...

I like "Palin Pinks" for the first one, and "Maverick" for the second. Great colors!!!

ErinLindsey said...

For the first one, I like Alaska Rose.

For the second one, I think I would call it Republican Mix

Susie J. said...

Alaska Rose and Maverick Squared.

Megan B said...

I kinda like just "Lipstick" but Palin Pink would be my next vote.

I like Maverick for the second yarn

Rebecca said...

i think the red/blue/gold should be Maverick or Patriots

and the other i like
Palin Pink or Barracuda

Denise said...

Pink Passion of course!

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

pink blush

itsmemim said...

I vote "Hockey Mom" for the first yarn and "Winning Ticket" for the second. Beautiful colors!

Kimberly Storey said...

those are just beautiful yarns!!!

I would name the first one Palins Pink :)

and I would name the 2nd Maracuda (from Maverick and Baracuda) LOL

thanks for hosting this contest!

CastratedBean (on Raverly)

Kimberly Storey

AndreaLea said...

I think Barracuda is great for the first one.

For the second, I agree with Casey Jo on "Maverick". The colors are really nice together. :)

Anonymous said...

I like Lipstick Dreams because they are a dream ticket and we all dream about having a woman in the white house.

For the second one I like The New GOP, Maverick or Road to the White House

Otter said...

I vote for Alaska Rose.

The other one I would call The Winning Ticket.
Cyndye B

Sara said...

For the first one, my vote is for "sassy pink".

For the second, I love the suggestion that casey jo had: "Maverick".

Brenda said...

I pick Palin Pink.
The ones with lipstick or pig in the reference I didn't like. Why give those libs more credit than they deserve?

Holly B. said...

1. Sassy Pink

2. McCain USA

Anonymous said...

Observatory Circle for the pink color

from Powdersticks on Ravelry

Story Teller said...

United. Your work is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I voted before, but wanted to add a suggestion for the pink yarn:

Pink Moose

marusya on Ravelry

H said...

My fav for the Palin yarn( which is lovely) is Alaska Rose!

For the McCain/Palin combo, how about
"Maverick Mojo & BaracudaBoldness" or
"Hero Hues".

Your yarns are beauties!

I am whistle1knit1 on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

I love "Alaska Rose" for the Palin colorway!

For the second, how about:

"Maverick Mojo & Baracuda Bold"

or "Hero Hues"?

Your yarns are beauties!

I am whistle1knit1 on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

The "New Wave" in Pink colorway. Meaning the "New Wave" in GOP politics.

taraknits said...

I LOVE The Pink House...

Democrat's Demise wouldn't be half bad either :)

Jennifer said...

I really like political in pink.

For the second one, I'd like to suggest The Maverick's Miracle Mile

Eddiwichious said...

for the pink skein, how about "We Bleed Pink Lipstick"?

I like the maverick name for the blue/gold one.

knitogether (ravelry ID) said...

Sarah's Dreamway for the first one, and Mavericks (plural) for the second.

Megan campbell said...

i love palin pinks

MissRach said...

Pretty in Pinks
Pale in Pink
Alaska Rose
Hockey Mom
Pink Passion
Sassy Pink
Sarah's Choice

Or, for the Sarah yarn, how about "Mom's Lipstick"?

And for the McPalin yarn, I like "Maverick Appeal"


Spudknit said...

Love the name Pale in Pink and Alaska Rose. Both are fabulous!

I have to agree with others that Maverick is a great name for the second yarn.

dani said...

Pale in Pink
Maverick for the other
They are both just gorgeous!!


The Write Stuff said...

Twilight's Last Gleaming

Anonymous said...

I am loving Alaska Rose for the pink one

Anonymous said...

I am loving Alaska Rose for the pink one

Bonnie said...

I like "The Winning Ticket". How about "America First!" or "Patriot's President" or "Patriot President"?

The pink one should be "lipstick on a pit bull".

Pretty yarns!