Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Yarn

I finally got some yarn done! I've been working madly on dyeing yarn for Boucle Yarn Studio--they had custom done colors, and it's beautiful! I shipped off 12 skeins yesterday and have 13 more skeins to finish and ship! It's sort of aqua, darker blue, leaf green and black.

It's my first MAJOR custom order and i'm thrilled with how lovely the colorway turned out and how great it looks all wound and ready to go!

I did have two skeins of handspun silk to put up! YAY! I love how they both turned out.

This is called Hearts & Roses (for obvious reasons)

This one's called Muted because the colors are lovely and muted.

They're both beautiful, soft, finely spun yarn with about 500 yards in each skein!

What do you think?


caillie said...

I love the colors!!! They are stunning!!
Don't forget I tagged you for that 10 thingie!!
Take Care!!!

Pia said...

Your handspun yarns are wonderful. Especially I like the red colour.

Barbara said...

those handspun yarns are yummy - very nice.

DreamWoven said...

R. i just sent you a note on ravelry. and congrats on your bulk order!

Karen said...

Yay! I tracked down your blog, as I'll be getting some of that fabulous sock yarn from Boucle. I stopped in your Etsy shop too. I'll pick up the sock yarn on Tuesday, but probably won't get to start knitting it right away, as I'm taking an intarsia class that might require most of my knitting time this week. The yarn looks so fun though!

"T" Van Hoecke said...

Hey Rita, it's me Tina, way back from Etsy. I work at boucle yarn studio now and I sent them your way.
I must tell you the yarn is sooo lovely and everyone who see's it wants it. We have to tell them, they can only get it if they are sock club members. I sold 2 clubs yesterday because of it's loveliness. Perhaps we will even need more! Us workers want some, since it is store colors, but we are waiting for the club members to get theirs first.
So glad you can do this for the store. It sure is a nice way to start out the club!