Thursday, January 03, 2008


is over. A whole 'nother year of my life. I have actually started making business a real business...and a successful one at that. So...high points?

These lovely socks were my best BEST knitting project of the year. I love them. I wish i had had the good sense to buy somewhat better sock yarn...but i've fixed that. These are knit picks Peruvian (which i do NOT care for). It pills. But, it is very soft, and I love how the dye turned out. And i love how the socks turned out. I love them!

These lovely socks run a close second. I love them. I love the colors, i love the way they look, but i stupidly knit them two strands at a time, and as a result they are just not as comfy as the others. Oh and learn!

This yarn is my favorite yarn that i have kept and have yet to make into something. I cannot decide what to make. I LOVE how it spun up and it is lovely and soft and beautiful, but quite fine and 50/50 wool/silk, so i'm just not sure. Perhaps a lovely scarf later!

The most beautiful yarn of the year? i'm just not sure...i love several skeins... perhaps this gorgeous stuff?
Maybe this instead? Which i gave to Stephanie when i went to hear her talk.
Or perhaps this lovely stuff--it took forever to sell and i'm still regretting not keeping it!

Or one last sold quickly and i loved it! I still love it....

What's your vote?

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caillie said...

You are right the yarns are beautiful!! The socks rock!! When do you have time to work on them??