Wednesday, September 12, 2007

not blogging

the reason i have not been blogging like i should (:-( is that i have been running everywhere for weeks. We left for Denver on August the days before that I was running around getting ready and trying to finish the tapestry. we were gone August 30-Sept.3 . Then I left town again on Sept. 6...those two days between, i had a meeting and i barely had time to breathe...certainly did not check emails or blog! I left early Sept. 6 and was in Wisconsin from Sept. 6-Sept. 10. Unfortunately, my month is not getting less busy. I am leaving for Eastern SD to teach at an event tomorrow. EEEEEEK! Hopefully I'll have time to breathe when i get home on the 17th. Hopefully!

OH, and tonight before i leave i have to put together 5 looms to teach on! and put together a handout. It's good that i love teaching, cuz far from getting paid, i have to pay to get to the event!

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