Saturday, August 26, 2006

well...having finally finished carmen's dyeing job, quit my wdt job (i started at the public library a couple weeks ago) and rearranged my spinning area i am back to being inspired. I carded up some gorgeous purple-y roving last night. i had dyed it with blue and red some months ago...

last night i pushed a ton of merino roving in a jar to try this all again. I put in chestnut brown, aztec gold and red. then i canned it (stuck the jar in a pan and turned on the burner so the water in the jar got hot, then let it sit over night). I pulled it out this morning. No ideedy not what i expected...but gorgeous none the less. it's still rinsing, i'll post pics when i get it carded up.

I spun up, then plied, then cabled some naturally dyed tussah last night. It is pretty! Unfortunately my pics aren't perfect. some of it is a pale green...which doesn't much show in the pic. :-(

I am out of silk! :-( I'm ordering more on Monday. I love my wholesaler!

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LittleMissMeshell said...

I work at a library too, hope you're enjoying it! =)