Sunday, August 20, 2006

fair stuff

well...i went and checked out my fair entries last night. I got several blue, several red and a white. i took stuff with the idea that i would better understand results when i got done. So i took 3 skeins of two ply tussah, one in pastel greens and blue, one in a wild variety, one solid. the pastel got a blue...otherwise the three were almost identical. I dont' know. I guess i need to get the stuff home and look at it all more carefully.

i was disappointed in some things that did place. two things got blue ribbons that were very simple wool singles plied with eyelash...didn't seem difficult, or involved. it all seems very subjective. Like the person judging is basing it on personal, subjective likes maybe.

i hate that. I like understanding rules. I like being "in the running." but when stuff is stricty subjective...there are no real rules. it's all about what you (the judge) think is pretty. doesn't make me want to enter :-(

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