Monday, October 19, 2009

goodness, it's been too long

i've been super distracted by the shop... i've gotten lots done lately. from indigo dyeing to designing patterns, i've been busy!

here's the results of a natural dyeing weekend... from coreopsis to black-eyed susans to purple logwood the colors were great

this is from my indigo dye pot. it was amazing to watch the color go from sort of greeny yellow to BLUE.

this is intended for socks... it's naturally dyed with chamomile, (for the yellow) and blackwalnut and purple logwood (for the black)

these are the socks... i'm loving them, but the heels are not happening like i'd like.

i've also been designing too... these little fingerless gloves and matching cowl came out really well.

a super lovely friend made this for me for my birthday... it matches the sheep on the sign for my shop. i love it!


skaro964 said...

very lovely colors, are you selling the patterns for the wrist warmers?

rita n/ said...

yup, it's for sale on Ravelry. check it out with my user name: castlefibers.

caillie said...

Cute wrist warmers and cowl!! The colors really came out cool-one spectrum to the other with the indigo. Really great!

Anonymous said...

about time! I love all the colors that the natural made!! Sandi