Monday, July 27, 2009

yesterday's final results

1. coreopsis tinctoria (with red centers) cooked for an hour–yarn dyed for 20 minutes
2. same dye pot as above with some ammonia added–yarn dyed for 20 minutes
3. same dye pot as above–3rd skein–20 minutes
4. same dye pot as above–4th skein–overnight
5. dye pot 2 coreopsis tinctoria (with red centers) cooked for an hour very low simmer–added ammonia–yarn dyed overnight
6. solar dye–coreopsis grandiflora (a LOT) soaked for about 2-3 weeks in the sun–yarn dyed for about 20 minutes
7. same dye pot as #6–yarn dyed overnight
8. dye pot next–coreopsis grandiflora (yellow petals only) cooked for an hour–added ammonia–yarn dyed overnight
9. dye pot last–virginia creeper berries soaked whole all winter–yarn dyed overnight


frogfan said...

#5 and #6 take my breath away. Beautiful colors.

Anonymous said...

As a nondyer, I find the difference in results startling! It's fascinating to see the range of colors you can get with slight differences in treatment of each skein. Some of those oranges are SOOO vibrant!

Desi said...

What pretty stuffs--it looks like fun experimenting. You get to get out your mad scientist and go nuts.