Tuesday, February 17, 2009

fresh from the dye pot

I've been playing again. after all that RED, i needed to see some other colors, and green is always my come back to color. so this morning, after finished more SCAB yarn, i threw two skeins in the dye pot just. for. fun. I hardly do that anymore, it seems. I think i'll call it Forest Canopy. it is lovely dappled greens and browns. the sun shining through deep forest canopy.It reminds me of a song a sang in college "...from deep in the forest, concealed by the trees..."

I'm shipping the first few skeins of SCAB yarn today. not all of the yarn is dry yet, but i want to ship as quickly as i can.

Things are moving right along with our yarn shop. we've ordered our first yarn and are going to be ordering more today! purchased some shelving. it's just so darned exciting.


mrae said...

How very exciting for you!!!!

caillie said...

What yarn shop?!?!?!? It isn't Smatterings right??
I love the new green!!

EdwardRad said...

I adore this new color!! Amazing!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

This forest primeval color is fantastic!