Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My cloak is come home, and here follows the pattern of its' lace

--from Jane Austen's letter to her sister Cassandra of Sunday, 2 June 1799.

Jane Austen. I love her books. i am inspired by her books. so I'm doing a Jane Austen Yarn Club for 2009! I am very excited about it. this club will be different than any i've done in the past. rather than selling it all the time, there will be a limited time and a limited number of memberships.

Here are the not finalized details:

Sales of The Jane Austen Club would run from Dec. 15-Jan 15

Sense and Sensibility Socks-- Shipping Feb. 6-9 ($27 retail)
Pride and Prejudice Socks (two colors)--Shipping April 6-9 ($40 retail)
Not sure which book Shawl lace weight--Shipping June 8-11 ($45 retail)
Not sure which book Dk Gloves--Shippping Aug 5-8 ($27.00 retail)
Not sure which book hat--Shipping Oct. 6-9 ($27.00 retail)
not sure which book socks--Shipping Dec. 7-10 ($27.00) ________________________________________________

retail purchase price over $200.00
Regular purchase would be $175.00
(shipping is about $20.00)

The payment plan will be $65 due Jan 15, Feb 15, March 15

We'll do a read/knit along on Ravelry! let me know what you think!

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EdwardRad said...

Oh, I think that this is a wonderful idea!! I'm so excited for the membership to open. Teresa told me about it at Barnes and Noble on Tuesday night and I just was able to get on my computer to check it out. I am so in for this!! ^_^